Note to self..

Dont 5a near windows…
I finally got a good throw for 5a, and i was using a counterweight that i made out of a bouncy ball. Well the bouncy ball slipped up into my palm so when i threw, i threw the whole yoyo as hard as i could about 10 feet onto hardwood floor, bounced then into a wall…No damage to the yoyo! yay.
But i can only image what could of happened if I was near a window!

Ha, My guess would be an extrema increase in chores ;D

p.s. What yoyo is it?

Agent, my dad said if I break a window because of a yoyo ( he said this about 2 months ago ) hes going to take my laptop, PS3, and cellphone, duct tape them all together and give them back when im done with college. lol…
I was using a tactic.

My mom said the same thing only about getting an F on my reportcard ( I haven’t yet)

Would he also take you yoyo? My mom would, she said she would drive to the ocean, rent a boat, drive a mile out and throw my case into the water (sarcasm of course)

Lol, Tyler Severance once put his yoyo through the TV at Atomic Comics.

The scary thing is, he was playing 1a. :o :o :o