Yoyoing in the CAR?!?!

I was just wondering if anyone has tried, just as the title says, yoyoing in the car ;D Heres my expierience:
So I went to the MN State yoyo contest last weekend with a couple of friends and my brother. On the way home I hear a yoyo and I turn around to see my brother doing split the atom and then binding. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this, and dont sue me if you try and break something :wink:

Sure its possible. As long as you cut your string :wink:

you can do it fine without cutting string

Do it all the time! Works especially well with stacked throws so you don’t have to throw them down!

Yep, usually end up smacking it on the car floor though :smiley:

I’ve done a Mach 5 in a moving vehicle…hubstacks were a huge help :slight_smile:

My brother decided to yoyo out the window as we approached a read light, was pretty funny to see an arm and yoyo go out the window for a sleeper.

Remember to keep one hand on the wheel!

i have not had any luck with a spinning yoyo, but i have often just messed with concepts while the yoyo is dead on the bottom of the string

Just don’t do it while driving… Long story

I yoyo in the car all the time :slight_smile: i do complicated combos and easy tricks, but for some reason my string always seems to get really tense when I yoyo in the car :-X