Yoyoing in the CAR???


yup… i was pretty bored on a long car ride so i decided to make this vid…
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I bet you can’t do Leg Wrap Trap in the car. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video. :slight_smile:

hubstacks and pullstart my friend, hubstacks and pullstarts…

You should have done boomerang out the window

well… i didnt have hubstacks in at the time… i think they are pretty darn annoying

where were you going

:o the other day I was doing some in the car but only the simple ones

Hey! I ALWAYS try to yo-yo in the car and think “Ah! Forget it,it’s impossible!” I’ts always hitting the dashboard or flying by my sisters face so i stop…
But you have proved me wrong man. Nice job. :smiley:
I will now keep trying to yo-yo in the car thanks to you showing me it IS possible.:slight_smile:

yah ikr… the key is to if u can move your chair as far back as possible… then it is really easy

What happens when the car turns hahahah.

someone get this kid a mighty flea!

you’re an addict go to yoyo rehab