To anyone learning horizontal...

Don’t do this.

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its mesmerizing


This is one of those “why didn’t he see that coming” moments. It’s gonna be a lot of hassle getting that oven door fixed… :-\


LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A banana probably wouldnt have broken dat

You mean a banana turnover? (jensen logic)

That was hysterical. I broke a big 4 foot light one time with a yoyo. Dinged the yoyo quite bad actually.

I would be more worried that I dinged my yoyo then breaking the lights.

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That’s me! :-[

Just kidding. By the way, I hope he’s okay. If you look closely when it broke a lot flew into the side of his face and ear, which would hurt a LOT

Geez, what a clown! Why would he even think of trying to do horizontal laying down against the cabinets? He should know that he would need more room then that… But oobviously, he didn’t bother to notice! Lol!