My yoyo works better after a 20ft drop....

So I was doing some offstring with my YoYoJam Kickside and decided to see how high i could throw it and catch it :smiley: while i did it the first time the second time it went way off course and slammed into solid brick! When i threw it again it spun longer and was smoother on the string! I don’t recommend this to anyone but i thought i would share me amazing feat haha.

Well yeah, but the down side is that your Kickside has all these terrible scuffs…

But that was pretty lucky that your Kickside got better!

yeah it already had some pretty bad dings honestly it did put a big one on just like an abrasion.

your very lucky, i shot my yoyo out of a potato cannon and it didnt turn out so wel…. ???

That is so going in my siggy box

I did that too!

didn’t turn out so well with my lyn fury, though.

You gots the magic touch!

like my ProtoStar ; - P. I’v dropped it from my balcony (my flat is on the 2 floor :smiley: )

and, it plays better, than ever :smiley: