I’m looking for a throw for the near to distant future. I am looking at the Revenger but know zero things about it. so if there are any other suggestions I’m looking for one that’s awesome(must), cool looking, plays well(duh), main purpose 1a, preferably all metal, nice and heavy, really smooth, little to no vibe, undersized or middle(not super huge), and with a name that will make me say “That’s so awesome I want to eat my computer.”

(Owen) #2

It’s a really goo Yoyo, an the one I owned was a b grade… It like a competition version of the superwide.

It great, but if you’re gonna Have the money for a revenger, I’d probably go with saving up a little more for a CLYW


I had an eye on the cascade but I’ve heard you pay a lot for the name and if I can get more yo for less money I would rather do that