New Throw?

I just badly dinged up my Dv888 so i let my friend buy it(he was a beginner with mean parents).

Any suggestions for a new throw? Thanks in advance! ;D

Preference? Price? Skill? Like if your budget is uner 50 bucks, Id say get a Raptor. Heard its smoother than a Dv888. If you budget is around 65 bucks, Yuuksta. If your budget is 100 bucks, I reccomend a OD 54. Really, this isn`t too accurate so just say your price.

What about an avalanche? They are the new cool thing. I am looking for a raw Bass Boost myself. The monster is entertaining. Shark man has a bully prototype, I love mine. The BOSS is also great. It’s one of the many many underrated throws out there.

no preferences rlly
price under 130
skill intermediate-advanced

Aaah, 130. That’s a lot. If you don’t mind maintenance, Mad House EPIC!! Has superb TaTa’s. But the only thing is that becareful of the guts and TaTa’s on this yoyo. They’re fragile.

If you something more “normal”, I would reccomend Avalanche or Sasquatch. They play like they’re the big bosses. Other’s would be the 54, very popular or SPYY Pro.

130 bucks for a intermediate to advanced yoyo so like r u intermediate cuz if i were u i would probley spend less than 130…

CLYW Bassalope is a Perfect choice.

Oh yeah forgot to add.

If you’re an intermediate, I really do not reccomend a yoyo that expensive. You will end up just messing it up and all those other stuff. Not that you will, but for me, intermediate, I went with a HotShot. Yomega HotShot. Responsive and snags when you throw it but I went through advanced to expert level tricks with it. No need for such a budget.
You can save your money for when you get up to at least advanced-expert-master and up level.

Thnx for all the help! rlly appreciate it. Oh, I was will to spend a couple more bucks for a better throw. I mean a girls gotta throw in style right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha yeah.

I forgot to mention! The Yuuksta is also a good choice!

Yes, if you`re a intermediate to advanced, you should be able to handle a Yuuksta. I second that.