Been gone for a bit. Looking to buy. Advice?

Trying to buy a new throw. Been out of the game for a 3 or 4 years. My fav throws at the moment are the clyw avalanche and the axis ex. Looking for another full size under 67 g and less than 45 width. I hate those superwide yoyos. Price range from 25-120. Has to have a super smooth finish.
Thoughts on The Basecamp navigator? Siren v2? Peak 2? Edge? One drop rebirth, kuntosh5000qv,


Hmm. The Edge is 46.75mm wide and the Kuntosh is 45.6mm wide, so those might be too wide for what you’re looking for. I’d suggest checking out any of these:

  • One Drop VTWO
  • One Drop Top Deck
  • TopYo Dominator
  • Duncan Grasshopper GTX

The Reticulated Death Adder bi metal yoyo looks like a good bi metal yoyo and here are the specs


56.00mm diameter

43.34mm width

4.49mm gap

10mm axle

Retic 10 ball concave bearing

63.9g Brass

63.6g SS and the Solid colors are $85 and specialty colors are $95-100 each


or check out the clyw dune and here are the specs

|Diameter:|55.89 mm / 2.20 inches|
|Width:|42.34 mm / 1.67 inches|
|Gap Width:|4.5 mm / 0.18 inches|
|Weight:|67.8 grams|


Ya I have a dune. One of my favorites. I think I’m going to find a light bi metal. Trying to narrow it down.


I could sell the Wisteria I just got from Damian Puckett, here on the right. It seems to be on the top-5 of everybody who got one, here’s a review on Youtube:
He’s done only small batches, I think this time he had only 6 A-grades (sold out)
Full-size: 58mm, 44mm, 64g (my approximate measurements).
It is absolutely perfect, I’m considering selling only because he told me he’s going to have the same in 56mm diameter, and I prefer small-to-medium sized.
Asking 105$ shipped.

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