Looking for small width throws (<39mm)

I sort of want to embrace my inner kid and have a yoyo to carry around. I’m a very vain person and wear tight pants. 42mm+ creates an unsightly bulge. In the 40mm range there is a wide array of great throws and I own many of them, including some 39.x yoyos but I’d really like to push it as low as I can. What are some good options? The ones that come to mind right now are the Dingo, M1, Yelets, MG and Flying V, all of which are intriguing possibilities. Really wishing I had picked up a Flying V way back when when they were sitting in stores and I thought they looked cool since there don’t seem to be many floating around these days.

Am I missing any other neat possibilities? Would be nice if they were 50mm or less diameter too but small width is more important than small diameter for what I’m going for

36.32mm width. It’s a pretty good option.

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Great option. I was going to say the ILYY Josy Ann, but it’s actually wider than the Forte, and quite large. The ILYY TRVTH would also be an interesting option, although possibly too extreme.

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I can’t vouch for the certainty of this right now, but I think a VsNYYC SADR would also fit the bill, and is truly a remarkable yoyo.

Or of course you could just pick up the Ricochet which comes in at 39 mm width :wink:

Finally the Teh Yo by XCube comes in at ~36.5 mm.

EDIT: I fibbed, that wasn’t finally. Finally would be the C3 BTH - in stock at 32.5 mm

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These are awesome and in my opinion the best choice

G5 is fun as well

Checked and there’s also :
Aero-yo Ice cream and rocket
XS bonchip
God Tricks Freedom
YoyomonsterDragon Rouge 3G
Werrd Poo

Trid to stick with stuff over 52mm diameter

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You need the MFD Forte

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Wow there are a lot of really cool suggestions here that I’d never even heard of. I had no idea there were so many options. Thanks guys!

Totally missed that it said under 50mm

I think the Neuae by recrev will fit you prefectly

The token also comes into play and I think the RAD would too. Popstar meets specs but I’d never want one and I stuck with C bearing size throw otherwise you get into all the mini throws out there.

Can’t go wrong with a $35 pocket throw