Full-size (diameter) Pocket Throw


So I had a chance to throw a Werrd Poo today. Really interesting throw. The biggest thing I noticed is how thin the yoyo is, while still being full size in diameter. Makes it much more pocket-friendly, while still staying long-spinning and stable.

Are there any other string-tricks throws that have these characteristics? Around 36mm or less wide, but on the full-size end in diameter? (Only looking for unresponsive 1A throws, not loopers)


Timcor Starfire


Ooh, good find. Do you have one? How does it play?


Monkeyfinger Forte. Just a hair over 36mm wide. It’s an excellent pocket throw.


Spyy FlyingV


Forte all the way


I don’t have one. I just found it when going through the store on here.


Thanks guys! The Flying V looks awesome, but appears to be out of stock everywhere. I’ll have to see if I can find one on the BST.

The Forte, on the other hand, is readily available and also looks awesome. Thanks for the recommendations!


Also check-out the T8 Shadow.

Gap width:4.52mm


Beyond Envy and G5.


ILYY Josy Ann, Anti Yo YWET


I agree that the forte is a great choice. Also love the candyblast finish of the josy ann. There’s still one store that has flying V’s in stock


If there is, I know I can always rely on you to find it. :wink:


If you don’t like the weight of the Forte, the x3 TEH YO is also fun but considerably lighter


SPYY Flying V… probably the best full-size pocket yoyo. The MonkeyFinger Forte is a very close second with the added bonus of still being produced.


I agree with Rosenberg in that the X-Cube Teh Yo is an awesome YoYo.

It’s’ a one of a kind for sure. :smiley:


The poker face will fit In my cargo shorts, but they have like yard deep pockets. But anyway, it plays awesome

EDIT: Just tried it with skinny jeans with tiny pockets. Fits fine


Sorry to becro this thread but I ended up grabbing a red Flying V from a European shop. Excited to try it! Oh, and the forte is definitely on my wish list at this point. May pick one up during the YYE 4th of July sale.


I do love the Flying V.


Mine will be the second run, without the raw rims. Anyone know if that’s much different from the original run?