Rust cleaning


Today I got, via eBay, an old YoyoJam Matrixx with custom painted lavender/white halves. Really looks good. Unfortunately, the axle (which holds the halves together and runs through the axle) is pretty rusty, as are the holes in the halves they go into.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to products or techinques I can use to get as much of the rust off/out as possible? Rust is something I know very little about.

Thanks in advance ~

If you can remove it, use that to match up a new axle.

Otherwise, for me, when I’m removing rust from tools(this saved some hedge trimmers I was about to toss): hit the rusted item with WD-40. Let sit for a few minutes, or longer if you’re lazy and not motivated. Scrub with a small wire bristled brush. Repeat a few times. Do a quick clean up with a grease cutting dish soap like Dawn, rinse super good, dry super good with a paper towel. I recommend paper towel for this so you can really press it into the threads and you can see if you’re still pulling moisture out.

Otherwise, forgive my ignorance on this model, but I’d go to Home Depot, match up a set screw for a new axle(if that’s what they use) and simply purchase a new one.

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The axle is a 6x32 set screw, easily replaced w/stock hardware item. Give the inserts a shot of WD-40.

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Thank you so much, to both of you.

Got the 6x32 set screw…but didn’t think to check the length, so I buy a .5" and a .75".

Unfortunately, I can’t get the original stinkin’ screw out…stripping the threads as I tried LOL. Hopefully some WD-40 will loosen it up.

Tried also to find a socket set screw for my Magic Yoyo N12 (hit hard on the wood floor, now the throw is kind of vibey and want to see if a new screw does the trick). Went to 2 places, but none had the 3/16 x 3/8 set screw I needed. May try my mom and pop store tomorrow - they always seem to come through, but they’re farther away. Haven’t checked online, but that’s on my to do list for tonight.

Make sure you tie and cut your strings to the proper length and most of this problem of “bashing the crap” out of a yoyo tends ot go away.

Be careful with the WD-40 around paint!

Definitely careful with the WD-40 around the paint job! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using just a pair of pliers (that have “teeth”) to hold the screw while I try to unscrew the yoyo half from it. Also tried a strong vise out in the garage. Tried also covering the screw with some rubber band material to try and prevent slipping. All to no avail :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone see anything obvious that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance -