some question...


I have a superstar acidwash, what i want to ask is:

  1. The area around outer of the silicone hole and wall of the silicone hole itself is a bit rusty, what things that causing this? does it effect my play?
  2. i can’t unscrew the axle because a bit of silicone stuck in it but i still can screw my yoyo, does this thing effect my play too?? and how can i remove the axle?
    Thanks… Sorry for the bad english, because i still learning it…hehe…


i will try to make this easy for you to read but good luck on your english just use if u need help

  1. i have no idea
  2. im not quite sure if it can effect the play but make sure you have a tight enough grip on the pliers when you twist the yoyo the axle stays still


Your yoyo can’t rust.
So if there is rust around on the body of the yoyo, then it has to be coming from somewhere else. like your bearing or axle.
Your yoyo will have a hex key hole in one side of the axle. Use that size hex to unscrew your axle.


@Camjameron: thanks for the information…
@Schnayke: i tried using toothpicks to remove the rust but it can’t, and FYI my bearing are stainless…


Stainless will rust, just not as quickly as plain carbon steel.

Try rubbing it lightly with a fine grain scotch pad.


@jbh8426: ok, i’ll try… thanks for the info…