for 100 my pr was 11.78 I think. I only ran it a few times though. pr for 110 hurdles was 17.39

Cool. If you don’t feel like answering that’s fine, but I’m wondering how old are you?

I’m 18. I was on my highschool’s varsity track, but unfortunately the season’s over for me now. :confused:
I’m gonna try to continue in college though


Did anybody take your 2.4k timing? Mine was around 10:30. I really need to improve. :frowning:

I’m a runner!! I need help with my 800 though…

what’s your 800 time?

I run around a 2:37 but I don’t feel like my coach is helping I run like 5 miles almost everyday

A 2:37 isn’t bad. How old are you?
If you can run 5 miles a day, then I think you have more than enough stamina for the 800. You should work on speed, and probably your form.
When you’re running, what’s your arm action like? If you’re crossing over your body a lot, or not pumping your arms, then that will slow you down a lot.
Something I’ve tried which seems to help is sprinting downhill without slowing yourself down. This gets your body used to longer strides and moving faster.
Granted the 800 is more of a distance race than it is sprinting, improving you speed definitely wouldn’t hurt.

I’m 16 but the other group of runners from other schools hit like a 2:20 I think I need more sprint work my form is fine

1200s are where it’s at. They suck, but they help.

Bump this up.

Who else runs here?

Best way to circumvent that booze gut & double chin :wink:



Army basic training daily runs with full gear cured me of any need/desire to run. :upside_down_face:


Maybe hit the swimming pool? :sweat_drops: that low impact is great for your bod :wink:

Been on a fitness kick lately. Tried to go run 2-3 times per week for about a month. Nearly every time, I get a cramp and have to stop and walk or turn around.:man_shrugging: Now I bike :bike:.

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I thought the same. Never going to run again.

Decided I wanted to run a marathon one summer. Didn’t do it. Ended up starting on Ultra’s since they looked more fun.

Chi Running is a good book to learn a different style of running from track, etc. That ‘knee’s up’ goes and so do a lot of running injuries if you are prone to them. Says he developed the style from watching kids run naturally. Worked for me. Not sure about all the business and marketing that sprang up around it though.

Also, I guess a shoe can make you run faster now!

Some still go with straw sandals and bare feet.

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I overpronate which makes running extra bad for my knees, so no. I’m more of a powerlifter and prefer working out. I really need to get back into a gym routine, weight lifting is so much fun.

I habitually run from my problems, does that count?


Shoes can correct that unless it’s really bad. I hurt my knee’s lifting lol.

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