Any Runners here?


Anybody here run for a sport? If so, have you done any races? For me, a 5k race in January. I also run track in school.


ive always done so independently, and not very competetively … usually three to five miles at a time

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I kinda want to get into running. Any tips/tricks from you runners out there as to how to get started?


buy a good pair of running shoes, start somewhere comfortable… even if youre only starting at a mile (however distance is not the real important thing, time is) try to go for a minimum of 15 minutes at a time, build up slowly and steadily, dont do it alone, have a buddy to do it with, drink lots of water, dont eat a lot of sugar, accompany this endeavor by eating super healthy otherwise you may experience headaches and other unpleasant symptoms… after about three weeks to a month, the soreness and difficulty will wane, run atleast 5 days a week

EDIT: the book Fit or Fat by Covert Bailey has lots of useful info about running and fitness


I am a competitive runner. Ran for high school this year. We ran 5k’s for school races although in training we’d run up to ten miles a day.

What are you guys running in? I have a pair of Nike Free Run 2’s. They are supposed to stimulate a barefoot-feeling when running. Its really cool.


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I run in my asics, but race in my Nike Air Pegasus. Tip, you don’t have to plan your runs to exactly what time and day, you can keep a log to write you distances and times but don’t plan too much, just get yourself on your tredmill or just walk out the door. Don’t start too hard either. If you know you couldn’t run a mile, walk it first. What I did to train for a 5k was: Week 1: Run a mile, walk a half mile. Week 2: Run two miles, walk half of a mile. Week three, Run 3 miles, walk half a mile. I can do a 5k in a decent 24 minutes. About 8 minutes per mile. As you can see, you have to work yourself up to your goal. I would say Don’t try a 5k until you can run a mile without a problem. Having friends to help run is very helpful. Check out . Keep running, first few weeks you will probably hate it but after that, you get much more energy.


My best 5k was a 22:25.


i use asics… for almost everything, running or not


I run too. My older brother has done two marathons already and he wants to take me on one one day.
I already am in good shape, but I’m not quite conditioned for running that far with my feet (they give before my lungs or legs).


i was a sprinter in highschool, not very fast though


I’ve got back problems due to past history of moving heavy gear. It’s starting to affect my legs now. Running really isn’t an option for me anymore, at least not great distances. There’s a treadmill at my house, I try to use it more often, but right now, with the back acting up, the legs ain’t cooperating all that well. This sucks, because I used to play soccer as a youth and was running who knows how much, but it was quite a bit, 3 days a week and then for the game on the weekend.

Our recent trip to Disneyland was tons of walking, naturally. The hotel was a 15 minute walk to the park gates(the kids got curious so I timed it, and it was right around 15 minutes each time). That comes to 2 complete round trips just to get to the park and back to the hotel, so about an hour’s walk just for that. Plus, the walking around the park. Fortunately my back wasn’t acting up during the trip and my legs were fine.

Running isn’t my thing, so I’m inline skating. A bit easier on the body. Limits some options though.

Right now with the flare up, I’m skating 2 kids to school while pushing a front/back double stroller with 2 other kids in it. Wife is working during the day, so I do what I can while taking care of the kids. I can’t slow down because my back hurts.

One of the problems I’ve heard of with running(but not experienced it) are shin splints, that can happy to people who run mainly on hard surfaces. A neighbor got these and was in a cast on one leg for a really long time, over 3 months, which I though was a big excessive, but hey, I ain’t a doctor. I know in California, there’s been lots of effort to create more parks. Hopefully this means better surfaces for runners. Unfortunately, around here, the paths are concrete or asphalt. Good for skating and biking, not so sweet for running.

Oh and yes, I’m trying to get in to see a doctor. I still have gigs to do and believe it or not, I don’t mind humping that gear in and out of the truck. I enjoy the work, I’ll pay for it later by resting. It hurts a little when I throw too. But my real reason is the leg issues. That’s not new, but it’s a new bad right now. Gotta get it checked out.


I’m gonna by trying out for my school’s track team next month :slight_smile:

and for the guy asking what he should do to get started, I’d say get yourself fitted to see what kind of running shoe to get before buying a pair. any running store (roadrunner sports is the one I go to) should be able to do a quick test thing to help pick the best type of shoe for you.

I was about to go out and buy some expensive nikes because I didn’t know there was really a difference. but then someone told me to do ^that, and I found out they wouldn’t have worked that well for me. So I got some brooks trance 10s instead. which are amazing, might I add.


Interesting and good advice. I do recommend matching the shoe to the person.

I normally wear cross-trainer type shoes. The best pair I felt I ever had was a pair of Sketchers I got on close-out from Mervyns as the nearby one was shutting down due to the bankruptcy. Got them cheap too. Can’t wait to get another pair. Reebok never worked well for me. NewBridge is nice. Asics have done well for me. But those Sketchers fit really good. Having something to help optimize the selection process is a good time and money saver.