I don’t know if there is already a post for this (if so sorry mods) but are there any runners in our little community? If so what’s the longest you have run? I am kind of new to the whole running thing so my longest is only 3 miles :’(


I used to run quite a bit but not as much anymore. I’m mainly a cyclist.


14 miles. 3 hours I think.


I’ve only timed myself twice. First time, I did two, hilly, miles in 11 minutes flat and second time I did one-mile around a track in 4.5 minutes.

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27.38 miles for no good reason other than to see if I could run 26 miles. Got a bit turned around, crossed the US/Mexico border (when you could just walk across), that added the extra 1.38 miles.

It took me all day and I enjoyed it so much I’ve only ran 3 mile distances and less, to this day, and hope to never, NEVER, run more than 3 miles again at a given time. I totally burned myself out on it.

Now biking and skiing are something completely different! :wink:


I hate running but I’ve gone and signed up for a 5k in Seattle this July :stuck_out_tongue:
We’ll see how that goes


Just set my mile record today. :smiley: 5:50


Woah! Congrats man!


I’ve done many half marathons but never more than that. People say if you can do a half you can do a whole, but I’m always wiped out after a half.


Did you hear about the lady on the news…she was going to run half a marathon. While she was doing that, a full marathon was happening. Somewhere in the middle of the race she took a wrong turn and ended up in the full marathon group of runners. Not only could she finish the 26 miles…she won!


I’m not much of a long distance runner (at all, I don’t have great endurance), but I’m a pretty good sprinter. A month or so ago I won my county track league’s 100 meter championship, along with my team winning 1st in the 4x100. I definitely love running, but I guess I’d be considered a sprinter, not runner. :slight_smile:


Used to run between 5 and 10 miles a day most of the year, when I was 12 till I was 17.
I was a mid distance runner. Ran the 400 and 800. 400 I could put down a high 44, too a low 45. 800 I wasn’t nationally competitive.


Yoyomanente’s gonna come in here and brag about how awesome running is and a bunch of other stuff when he sees this…


Marathon in 4 hours 10 minutes. Never again… Syke. Time to start training again