I’m joining track the events i’m doing are shot put and discus anyone else doing track?

I used to run the 3200m and the 1600m. But I play lacrosse now, and sadly the seasons conflict.

Yeah I am starting right now but i do distance running, no throwing

My mother keeps trying to push me I to track because I’m very tall and super fast. She said id be adored by the coaches. There’s a problem however; where am I going to find time to workout.


I don’t know, I might join track, I can run a mile in 7:40 mins.


What grade are you in?

I run 110 and 300 hurdles, as well as long jump, and if one of our sprinters is out with an injury I’ll sometimes take his place in the 100
It’s a great sport, lot of fun. Especially with such a technical event like hurdles. :slight_smile:

6th grade.

Gotcha, I was just curious. If you like distance running, you should go for Cross Country.

I swim swim the 200 which is semi-long distance for swim so all my track friends want me to join because of my lung capacity and stamina and stuff but I hate running and the heat . I live in arizona so its over 9000 degrees all the time so yeah the track team has to run I that so I probably won’t l join

I probably will go for cross country, but I’m not even close to the best in my grade. One kid can run it in 5:30!

I can run the mile in 6:50, but there are tons of fast people in my grade, in my period of PE I get outpaced by about 5 people usually…I don’t think I’m fast enough to be in track for my district.

what grade are you in?
and if you enjoy running, you should talk to your track coach. Not sure how it is at your school, but at mine, anyone can join as long as they put in the effort, go to the practices, and try their best. Plus if you practice every day, you’ll get faster.

I do track too
I’m usually a distance runner, but I’ve been doing 800s and 400s recently