Rubber band response


Ive had my DV888 for a while now and just recently the k-pads fell out. Ive ordered some and there in the mail, but i didnt want to not play with my yoyo for a while so i took rubber bands, cut them, superglued them together and they fit where the pads should be. They work just as well as the k-pads.
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do you have any cool response types?


:slight_smile: Yes, well , i wouldn’t really say its cool, its kinda wierd.
on my velocity (like three months ago) i used caulk from a coulk gun lol it works for a couple days.


Well one time, I used my Converse shoes as a response system… you know… those rubber thingies on the side of the Converse…

Yeah it was awesome… I used it on my Legacy…

Tight Binds…

Unresponsive play…



I have a job, so I just buy the real thing! :wink:

(Gorrilla_YO) #5

ive used double sided sticky tape before… :stuck_out_tongue:


Peanut butter.


Oh yeaah? Salad Dressing.

(Zer0) #8

an eraser


You mean like cut and super glue it? Kinda works…

(Zer0) #10

nah i just forced it in


o.o I don’t know if I could call this crazy but I reverse starbursted my FHZ

(Jonathan Brasell) #12

o.o I don’t know if I could call this crazy but I reverse starbursted my FHZ
That sounds cool, I’d like to see pictures of that.

(Shisaki) #13

Wow…that was soooo funny ::).


: O How’d you reverse starburst it? O_O

(Zer0) #15

it’s a starburst that, instead of sticking out, is stuck in. it’s like grooves going down in the plastic.


I used brake pads in a lyn fury
Glue in a jamboo
niether had long lives


Sorry but I don’t quite get it. :-[ How’d you reverse starburst it? As in… I know it’s grooved in, but… How’d you achieve that? Sand it in?

(Zer0) #18

im pretty sure it’s by hand carving. unless you machine a yoyo with one.


hot glue in a speedmaker


all I did was carve in scratches. thats reverse starburst.