Let Make Some Response

Ok, Let’s Get Started. Lots of throwers who put in there own response hate that with constant play the silicone (flowable for me) falls out early, I hate it too, SO. ::slight_smile:

There has been talk about Hot Glue Response.

Lets try and make something “different”

For a start, it needs to be anything that drys hard, or rubbery. So any thoughts?

Somebody just recently tried out Hot Glue and they said it seemed to work decent.

I’m not saying I’d try it, but I’d think rubber cement would be some monster response.

Yeah. But I think hot glue messes up plastic. Anyhow can you buy rubber stuff in a tube that has a small spout so it’ll fit in a groove.

I suspect hot glue would fall out almost as easily if not more easily than silicone. If you’re having problems with response staying in, you might want to try scratching up the inside response area. Doing that will give the silicone something to stick to rather than being a perfectly smooth surface. Also be sure that the response area is very clean before you silicone. Any leftover lube in the response are will make it hard for the silicone to bind in the groove.

you might consider buying the RTV silicone, red lasts ages, and you can mix it with flowable if you wanted a different feel.

You could try sugru its silicone rubber, i could send you a minipack.


I heard cheese works pretty well

I have these really small rubber bands that are about the same size as the standard 19mm pad. Tried using them and they actually worked pretty well.

I got some high-temp red gasket making silicone (RTV) from my local autozone, and just sili-ed 4 yoyos. Will see how it works later

Is there Flowable RTV. Because I bought RTV adhesive and it was like. KILL KILL I HATE THIS. It became hard, the tube cracked, man it was BAD. :stuck_out_tongue: but I got rid of it and got Flowable. I think I’ll take (New Moderator) Jason’s advice, and also let it dry longer ::).

All flowable is rtv, that just means it drys at room temp.

I’m D-U-M-B :stuck_out_tongue: kinda ::). Anyways back to the TOPIC ;), What About Regular Glue,(Elmers school, or Super Glue)

I tried a few types of glue sticks through a hot glue gun, not one worked well.
I have grey gasket sealer, and it lasts a few months. I like the feel better than any pads I have tried.
Seal the tube correctly and keep it in a zipplock in the fridge.

I’ll give you some type 1 toxic stringnforna mini pack that stuff looks cool! :slight_smile:

Probably not very durable. You can rub it off of most surfaces fairly easily when it dries. Also it’s solvent based and may affect plastics. Being solvent based it will shrink a lot as it dries.

nah, too cheesy

Stop posting in old threads. I learned my lesson and I don’t want you to learn it ;). Don’t post just to post.

Lol wut. This isn’t an old post at ALL.

Ok then, Post if your going to help.