Glue as silicon?

Probably not, but just an idea of mine.

Could liquid glue possible be implemented as silicon in a yoyo?

It can, but it will make the yoyo super responsive. I guess you could use it in like a looping yoyo, but not highly recommended. Hope I helped! ;D

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No, it will make it dead unresponsive and you wont be able to bind it. When glue dries it is smooth and not grippy like silicone.

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Yoyos is right. It will dry smooth and slippery.

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Thanking everyone who posts in your thread makes you popular. :stuck_out_tongue:

It probably wouldn’t work well, but you could always try it. :wink:

liquid nails might work i bought some but am not ready to use it. Im gonna try to mod a duncan butterfly or something.

And how will you get it out if it needs to be replace, or doesn’t work as planned?
It’s pretty sticky stuff. :wink:

I do not think promoting the idea of putting glue in your recess is ever a good idea.

Well, assuming he’s talking about the basic white Elmer’s glue, if it had problems, it would come out pretty easily with a toothpick or something.

liqiud nais is silicone and it was easy to remove from another project.

i put hot glue in my pgm its not responsive it works fine

Why? The best way to learn isn’t from others it’s from your mistakes. The best thing to do would be to try it, because you guys haven’t done it, your just assuming it won’t work.

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Ehhh, that’s not entirely true. They make a wide range of glues, mostly petroleum/solvent based. Only a few of their products are silicone based. You need to be more specific.

i tried elmers before. yeah it was too slippery for both halves, but luckily speeders are hybrid.

I used hot glue in my new breed long before i knew about silicon, or even replacing sili pads, and it seemed to work well for the time

I dont get why this would work since glue is adhesive until it dries.

Exactly why people should be encouraged to try things that don’t seem like they would work.

I still don’t think it works.

Exactly. Until someone tries it thats all you can say about it. I might try it in the near future (when I run on E with my silicone) and I will post my results. As for Duckie, go for it and tell us what you get!

Also mods, can we lock this thread or at least watch it closely? I am just throwing a warning out there, I don’t care to much for Mi’s opinions and I tend to take things to the next level and flame.

EDIT Opinions seems like a mean word. I think he is very stubborn and so am I. Thats the nicest way I can think of right now.