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So I got a YYF Shutter a couple months ago, and lately one of the response pads has been coming out while I’m playing with it. It will go back in if I push it, but it won’t stay in for longer than 30 or so throws. Is there an easy way to make it stay in? Would normal glue work, or do I need something else?

Glue is probably a bad idea; I’m sure it’s doable with a very light adhesive, but the few times I’ve tried just resulted in some nasty grooves that were a pain to clean.

I’ve had this problem before, and honestly, the only thing that had a good outcome was putting in a new response. Have you looked into making your own response? Flowable silicone is available for a couple bucks at any auto parts/hardware store, and a tube has enough silicone to fill dozens of grooves.

here’s a flowable silicone FAQ on YYE:,22148.0.html

I didn’t see a tutorial for filling grooves on the useful maintenance thread, but that may just be because it’s so simple. I have seen some tutorials before though, so look around and I’m sure you’ll find some.

A couple tips if you decide to fill your own grooves:
*Take the bearing off, you don’t want any silicone in there.
*Clean the yoyo (especially the axle and bearing seat) of any excess silicone after you fill the grooves. Flowable silicone is pretty easily removed when wet, but can be a pain when allowed to solidify. Some people prevent any silicone from getting into unwanted locations by putting tape over them.
*You don’t want the silicone to be above the rims of the groove. If it is, you can use an index card to scrape the excess off. If you bend the card slightly, you can also make the silicone slightly recessed.
*Drying is critical! Most people don’t attempt a throw until 12 hours after putting in the silicone, some recommend a full 24 hours.

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The FAQ you referenced does have a video, and that FAQ is in the useful maintenance thread.

It’s really somewhat trivial.

Use normal glue, rubber cement, something easily removable for the response pads.

I’ve glued some response pads that came out before with the above as well glue stick, a piece of cooked rice, heck you name it, its pretty trivial as jhb stated.