TP paranoid eating response?


Alright so about once every 2 weeks when I put flowable silicone into my Paranoid the response goes out and practically have to Put new response in. I don’t have the money for response pads and it’s obvious the silicone isn’t working. So is there anyway to fix this or is there some kind of mythical silicone that lasts longer than the permatex stuff? Cause I am getting sick and tired of resiliconing the Yoyo every 2-3 weeks.


I’ve wondered myself if there is some sort of coating that you can put in the recess to make it hold better


Red gasket silicone lasts longer than flowable.


That’s weird. The only reason it should not stay for any length of time is because the recess is too shallow. Of course, I’ve not looked at the specs so I don’t know for sure but that should be the only excuse.


Or it’s not binding to the surface, per Nikolai’s post.

The red stuff Yoyo mentioned is definitely grippier. However, since it’s not flowable it is a bit more of a pain to apply.


hmmm that doesn’t seem to be the case because it doesn’t seem very shallow.


I see Greg. I’m wondering WHY it wouldn’t adhere as it would to any other anodized 6061 aluminum yoyo.


Could be any number of things, but the most likely suspects are residue left from previous applications or cleanings. Either the flowable itself has left a slippery layer (it happens… that stuff is weird) or the solvent used to clean out the groove didn’t leave a clean surface.

Even little bits of the old silicone, if left behind, can cause problems. Abby, are you cleaning it as clean as a whistle and using some sort of solvent to prep the surface? (alcohol or something?)


I figure cleaning the surface is the best thing to do. Hopefully that works. If it does not, wouldn’t you suspect the recess to be too shallow? Of course, the increments in which the depth can differ are so small they might not be noticeable. Do they have this information available somewhere?


I’m cleaning it as best I can that usually means having tweezers and pulling out and pieces of silicone I can grab onto.


use Dap Kwik seal plus it last for so long. I used it in a duncan metal drifter and it stayed have you seen how shallow the recess is. it is not as responsive as flowable but it last for a long time and stays in shallow recesses. hope this helped. :slight_smile:

(rizkiyoist) #12

Most likely it’s either the groove is beadblasted or too shallow.
I think the best fix would be using double tape to re-stick the silicone, or modify the groove deeper… If I were you and I don’t really care about the yoyo in good condition, I’ll probably make some scratches in the groove for the silicone to hold (note: I haven’t done this so I can’t assure you if it will work).


Thanks for the tip; I might have to do this on a .555 yoyo (SPYY RSL) that I can’t seem to find response for.


You have a RSL? :o


Ayup ayup!

Mine’s got some vibe to it, but it’s still a player. Just need a better response… Dif pads in there right now and I don’t dig’em. Seem to be the only appropriate-sized pads available right now.