Hot glue response pads?

I was just thinking this the other day when gluing something. has anyone tried to make hot glue response pads like you would with silicone? if so please let me know what there like

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People tried in years passed. Not too great results as I recall. Doesn’t it set kind of hard? Or are there different types set softer?


there are different types

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You should give it a go and share your results.


i will

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Low temp works but it can get kind of tacky and sticky over time. We used to do this “back in the day”, it works but it’s super grabby until you wear it down a bit. We alse used to use tub tread too! haha! Boy, those were the days!

Modern yoyos with “flow grooves” make it much easier to do. You can fill the cavity and then trim it flush with an x-acto / hobby knife. It’ll yield better results but it’s still not as good as the trusty old silicone.