New breed help!

I bought my new breed about, six months ago. it played like a dream, untill the silicone fell out. i went to OSH and bought silicone, but it fell out again, so i bought flowable silicone and put it in, let it dry for 24 hours and in a couple of days, it fell out again. i got mad and went online and bought silicone pads, in a week or two they fell out also, i couldnt put them back in so i gave up, i have about two months without playing it because it had no response system and today i read you can use hot glue as a response system. Is this true? If it is, how long does it take to cure and is it responsive?

You could try RTV silicone. It needs to be manipulated into the recess more, beucase it is less flowable. It provides tighter binds, most of the time, and is know to last longer. It is also called gasket maker (Spelling?). Can be found at Wal-mart I think.

I had pretty decent luck with Silicone in my NB, lasted a couple of weeks, but I’m lazy so when I bought my Lunatic, I purchased a few extra K-pads. They’ve done great in my New Breed so far seeming to bond fairly tightly to it.

As to the hot glue, I don’t think the cure time is that long, but you may want to give it at least 12hrs to be sure. There was, a few months ago, someone who reported to have used Hot Glue on this site.

Aha, found a couple of instances.

Hot glue is ready in a few seconds.

Just remember that hot glue is near impossible to get out unless you have some modding skills. If you don’t like it then you aren’t going to have any fun with it.

Question. did you clean the recess before siliconing it?

NO HOT GLUE!!! The glue gun tip would melt your yoyo. Try permatex gasket maker.

Only state things you know for sure. I’ve hot glued a few yo’s and nothing bad happened.

Or you can do the wipe with alcohol, scratch the bottom if neccesary, and then put it in… I think mrcnja said that… here…nvm… can’t find it. But basically, make sure it’s clean.

I know for a fact that both Icthus and I have said that before. The blue half of my Lyn ejected silicone twice in a week or two. After cleaning the recess out really well with rubbing alcohol it played fine and hasn’t ejected silicone yet. That was over a year ago.

This happened to me with my new breed too… at about six months as well…

I ordered the yyj silicon…
When i got the package i surprised to see that i didnt get silicon… i got a k-pad like response even though it said silicon on my receipt. So without contacting yoyoexpert, i pop the k-pads in and it was amazing… took about a week to break in but other than that it was better than the silicon. So get k-pads instead :slight_smile:

(K-pads are silicone)

But isn’t it different from silicon from the original new breed to the k pad? Maybe im mistaken but, i had the clear silicon and i put in the “k-pads” but the were white… so confused.

Ha yeah. I’m not sure what the exact differences are, but they are indeed slightly different silicone.

I’m not sure of the exact differences either, but seems to me that the K-pads are a good bit firmer than the silicone that came in the New Breed originally. Perhaps it’s Silicone rubber as opposed to standard silicone?