RSO's Mecha Bapezilla

Who else got one of these remakes? Im just gobsmacked by how good these are! Perfect weight, shape, size, glass smooth, just wonderful! SO glad I was able to snag one. Not getting rid of this one! No way!! Stunning ly pretty and plays like a dream.

My box did come in super smashed, and i was worried about the contents. While everything was smushed inside the box too, including the yoyo box itself, the throw was pristine.

I got #36 of 50. What number did you get? What are your thoughts?


So… the yoyo is a ‘Smashing success’?

…By the way>

Have you thrown an Einstein yet?

Because if you haven’t.

Save a big can of Gobsmack for the day you toss that one…

PS… Health tip(yoyo related). If you really like RSO products>

Go to the Hardware Store. Pick up a roll of 2” Duct Tape. Get the tape and carefully wrap about 6 rounds of it around your neck(not too tight).

RSO will be coming out with certain yoyo this year(I am bound to not say more than that).

It is soooooooo good that when you throw it. The tape will keep your head from falling off.


I felt this way about the yweti.

Reading this all I can think is “ok, he says some funny stuff but where is he going with this one?” So I read on…

Ahhh I should have seen that coming. Nailed the landing :+1:


I really wanted the mechabapezilla when it first came out last year. Looked really nice, specs wise and I don’t normally care for the box-art but I’ve got to say that the presentation on this yoyo in particular looked the bees knees.

At the time I couldn’t get one so I let it pass. Then the Mechavizilla came out looking equally fantastic but was also more dear, so I gave that a miss too.

I then saw the scales OG version Elvin put up for auction and it looked like the best version of it to date. I didn’t stand a chance at the auction so I prayed to the mighty throw gods that he’d do a OG run and thankfully they were listening.

I made sure to pick one of the OGs up and it doesn’t disappoint.

It’s actually a b-grade with a slight blemish behind the irg and slight fingernail vibe. Despite that, it’s just a fantastic yoyo. I know some people said it felt a little heavy, but I think the smaller size works well with the weight and the finish is beautiful. The anodised titanium leaves a nice temporary patina when it comes into contact with your skin. I’m really glad I held out for the OG version.

@yoyodoc, are you talking about the Tom Kuhn collaboration or is my other kidney going up on eBay for something else?


agreeance on einstein. that would be tought to let go of. i had a bgrade yweti too that was hella sweet.


Might be the teaser of a Bi-Metal


I’ve owned all the RSO yoyos other than the mini bowl, the einstein and mecha are my clear favorites. Einstein wins my vote by a nose. I like the yweti enough to keep it, which says a lot since my scorn for the ywet is well know, but it doesn’t begin to compete with the others.

I really can’t wait to see what @yoyodoc is teasing. I better stock up on duct tape. Every time I’ve tried a yoyo based on his praise, I’ve found that he was understating the case. If that bimetal is yet another thing, then I better be getting my poor wallet ready.


I’ve got my tape at the ready, thanks for the tip Doc.

I just love this thing! :heart_eyes:


I freaking LOVE these!!!


wish i coulda swung that bape

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Bought one of these on a very expensive whim. Almost immediately regretted it, I was worried I bought an overpriced copy of an overhyped yo-yo from a decade ago.

Then I received it and all my concerns went away. The finish is stunningly beautiful, a different color every way you look at it. The play is superb, just downright fun and lively. Elvin did an amazing job on these and it was worth every penny.

And that sound… almost like a bell ringing underwater. Amazing.


Got me an E1NSTiEN in the works. Thanks for the tip @d34dj3d , @yoyodoc , and @fatguysnacks247 I should have it on lock by tomorrow evening, its sat aside for me now. Since Elvin didn’t have any left i was lucky to find on one Instagram that dude was responsive to my offer to buy. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the tip off. Im pretty excited to have found one so soon.


good score dude, always happy to help :wink: