Routing wooden yoyo halves

Hi people.

In this video of Once Upon a Paul making a yoyo:

I would like to know the name of the tool he is using to cut the yoyo half on the router table; the thing he is securing the yoyo half to.

If you know what it is, please tell me. I’d like to get one for myself.

Its called a circle cutter:

I said the router table, not the drill press.

I want to know what the tool is he used on the router table to hold the yoyo half and cut it. Some sort of jig or push block or something.

Yeah, it’s just a jig. Probably something that Paul made. Something that keeps his hands out of the way, while keeping the yoyo half at the height that he wants it to be.

Maybe Paul can weigh in, but it’s probably not something you can just go out and purchase.

Shop-made jig. Should be pretty easy to make.

I’m so surprised that something like this isn’t available for purchase. People often make small wheels using router tables.

I’ve seen some other jigs that people use for it, but they’re a lot more awkward and/or dangerous.

Looks like I’m going to have to make one.

Most woodworkers will build jigs for what they need. It’s a lot cheaper and you get something that’s just for your project.

The actual router bit is a large round over bit with a pilot bearing.

They’re available in various sizes.

It is a jig that I made myself. :wink:

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Thanks, Paul. If you wouldn’t mind, could you pm me to give me an idea of what you used to make it maybe even a picture or two?

Unless you consider it a bit of a trade secret. :wink: