im making ayoyo from a duncan cw this one is called the roller
and a golf ball the golf balls are called the fairway
updated finished prototype #2 of fairway first working prototype

i have documentation of the design dated dont steel



Nice, but you know BB is also Big Brother Yoyos right?

its BB’S I also make string

Big Brother YoYos is BBYY.

Bist already has the golfball thing covered:


on to finalizing i cut it by hand and now it will be by table saw and sanded and will be the inside will be drilled not put in by dremel

DO NOT use a table saw to cut a golf ball in half, you are asking to get your finger cut off. My major in college was cabinetmaking and I worked with table saws every day and that is NOT the kind of machine you cut spheres on. The safest way to go about doing this would be either cut it by hand or take a small clamp, clamp the ball in it and use a bandsaw to make a cut from each side but dont go all the way through and finish it by hand


its not a table saw (i dont know the name) its an adapter like a vive so u can get an exact cut without a a table saw

just do it the way i told you, trust me

Yeah, like a vice and a hacksaw will work the best, especially if you want all your fingers.


I got copy wright on the initials BB…

my dad owns the company BB carpentry :wink:

me and my awesome, staple gun shooting self…

its BB not b.b.

ours is too, my dad messed up when designing the shirts, anyway, if you want, You can send us the gold balls, we got a mini saw…

does the fairway work?

wait wouldnt u have the copy wrights to just bb carpentary or something

im just ****'in with him, he can name it what he wants :wink:

did more prototyping it works need to oil my drill press locked uo so i had to do the drilling by hand wasnt so straight so viby awsome

send me a proto!