Rolling and Unrolling

I have been really getting into braintwister combos lately, and I’ve seen that a key element in these types of combos is rolling and un-rolling as seen here:
at 2:57.

I realize all R and U-R (rolling and un-rolling) are, is just repeated lindy loops on either the undermount or overmount. My problem is that either A: The yo-yo won’t sleep long enough for me to even do one rep. or B:The yo-yo tilts during the rolling which either makes the yoyo fall of the string or it lowers the sleep time. I use a thin lubricated Dark Magic 2 with 100% polyester string and both recessed silicon pads.

I have responded to many of these types of threads saying: Oh, you just need to practice more. But I’ve been doing this on and off for around a year. During that time I’ve gotten good enough to make a full freestyle routine for 1A, self-taught 3A*, and 5A. Yet I feel very lacking because I feel a good braintwister combo to all of these routines would really be awesome. So please give a good explination.

Post script: If I try to do the R and U-R really fast I either hurt my self form strain, or burn the string**

*There really should be more tutorials on this (referring to 3A)

** Yeah, I’m that badass

Yeah, I also hate those useless replies saying just practices or just get what you like.
Anyways the yoyo setup is perfect there so don’t worry on that. I sometimes try it out slowly like just flipping rather than rolling in speed. It helps but it’s hard for tilit free. Sometimes, yoyo just tilt.
So slowly doing it then going at a faster self decided speed. Also, if you miss a string like an under mount, it will tilt like crazy. Whenever I bind and fail the under mount tolling, it tilts. DM2 should be able to handle it.

Not the yoyo, but not all your fault.
Have Fun! :smiley: I am also trying to do this too!

I can tell you one thing, you BOTH need to work on your throw, you do not have enough power.
But do you know why no one replies ?
There is nothing they can tell you but the tried and true ‘practice,practice, practice’.
You need a hard strong sleeper to get through longer tricks like Skin the Gerbil, BrainTwister combos etc etc… You also need to keep the string from rubbing out on the sides of the yoyo. This ALL COMES BACK TO YOUR THROW.
If you cannot do lindy loops back and forth 2 or better yet 3 reps each direction, then you need to practice lindy loops until you are so sick of them that you can do them with your eyes closed.
Im not kidding, you guys arent asking for help with some complicated tech trick, this is simple stuff, but it requires a LOT OF PRACTICE TO MASTER,all the questions have been asked and answered a thousand times. There nothing more to say aside from practice.

If you dont like the answer dont ask the question.

Well, I understand what you are saying, and yes, this isn’t a very complicated trick, and also yes, most tricks of this nature come down to your throw.

(Around a few minutes later of practicing) Yeah, I see what you’re saying, the good throw really helps. But now I see my real problem, when I do my lindy loops from either an overmount or and undermount, I hold it like a side style trick instead of a front style. In addition, sadly enough, I probably do need more practice with my lindy loops.

Your post helped a lot.

Hey, I ain’t newbie here. I can do unrolling and rolling here with my eye’s closed easily but not like him in the video and adding all these fancy things. I can handle Skin the Gerbil VERY easily, I repeat, VERY easily.
My throw is strong, I have one of the greatest throws. If I could post a video of me throwing, you’ll be amazed who you’re talking to.

I feel like braintwister combos are the only thing markmont does.

That is why he is such a boss.