DM2 Can't do barrel rolls and brain scrambler


I’m trying to learn barrel rolls and the brain scrambler on my DM2 but
it peters out pretty quick. Is it because I don’t have the string centered
and does that come with time? Thanks.


I have a question, can you bind?


Kind of


Holy Necro!

If your yoyo’s dying out on you, I’d say it could be a number of things:
Are you doing a strong throw? If so…
Is your bearing free spinning/unresponsive or is it caked with thick lube and really responsive?
Lastly, could your bearing possibly have some grit in it? You’d know if your yoyo is screeching and feels really rough and…gritty when sleeping.

Definitely go for a strong throw, that will help keep your yoyo stable.


My throw is pretty strong. As strong as any I’ve seen in videos so far.

I’m using the responsive bearing with only thin lube. Bearing’s pretty new too.

My bearing does make noise but both my new ones make the same sound.

I’ll keep at it…thanks.


Use the speed bearing. On the other hand, the responsive bearing should do it as well.


It’s your throw, just keep practicing.

Those tricks aren’t that difficult on even a fixed axle… you just need to keep at it until they work :slight_smile:

Straight and smooth beats hard and off-axis any day, so focus on ‘perfect’ throws not just hard ones.



Thanks, practice I will. :slight_smile:

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The throw isn’t the only thing that matters. If your technique in the trick is poor, the yoyo will die quickly. Make sure all the strings are lined up so that nothing is rubbing against the side of the yoyo.

I think you probably hit it. With time, centering the string will become more natural, but that doesn’t prevent you from centering the string now.

One thing I am certain of: it is not the yoyo, so don’t worry about that.

I hope I helped.


Quite frankly I think that the string is rarely centered with a flat bearing.


I’m glad it’s me, thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

edit : things are better already