Dark Magic 2 YOYO HELP

I own the DM2 and I feel that it is not living up to its potential. I am unable to perform string tricks in one combo without the yoyo dying out on me. It is very annoying. Other, less popular yoyos I own, are doing more than my DM2!

If anyone one has any advice or tips for me, to either add something to my bearing, so I can complete longer tricks like Black Hops and Cold Fusion, please, comment.

Did you switch to the speed bearing?

Two tips. Practice and Throw harder. With black hops, you do not need that strong of a spin, but it might die because your movements are jerky. Practicing it will smooth the trick out, and you will find that you don’t need nearly as much spin as you thought you did. I have found that when I make my own combo, I can’t make it all the way through at first, but after a week or two, I’ll be doing it with my eyes closed(not really).

Also, make sure you are using the wide unresponsive bearing instead of the thin one. The spin of a responsive yoyo is so much shorter than on an unresponsive one.

No I lost it, Im going to call customer service and ask for a new one

Thank you I will definetely look into that. I am just wondering why I can do the trick on other yoyos but not the prestigious Dark Magic II

Well then thats ur problem :stuck_out_tongue: the speed bearing sleeps over 3 times longer than the slim bearing

Plus, I don’t think they’ll replace it if you just lost it. Unless you ordered from YYE. Then it’s possible