Roll Model

I was wondering why this isn’t selling as well considering how good it is. I think some people think it is a 5a yoyo, I got one and it is great for 5a. So why hasn’t the Roll model been selling well, I mean it was one of the best pro packs and it did not sell out. I just want to know why, I was worried about the 5a thing too, but it plays like a 1a yoyo and rocks 1a, just see all the 1a 365 videos that steve does with it, or Darnell’s video. Just wondering who has one and what they think, and who wants one but has held out for some reason.

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I have a theory:

It has slightly higher walls (or at least a more traditional organic shape), and it has plastic caps. Kids these days don’t seem to prefer those things. It’s kind of a middle ground between old school and new, but it’s not new-school enough to make it a must-buy for certain consumers.

YYE should post a “without caps” image to reinforce that they’re removable for people who don’t prefer them. :wink:

Its my favorite organic shaped yoyo at the moment!

To me, it give me everything i wanted of the DNA, a little more weight, a little bit smaller, no stacks and a stronger spin (it sure feels lstronger to me). Very under rated.

To me it feels like combining a die nasty and a DNA, and adding more awesome to it.

Because it was only $20 savings. i want one, but i dont have the money.

I would by just because its Steve signature

You do realize it was BOTH a roll model AND a die nasty for $50! Thats like $100 worth of stuff for only $50!

It was a great deal. I actually went back for one thinking the sale ended at midnight of that day, and it was already closed. Should’ve got it when the deal first became available.

After I got one.
It was light to my eyes.

I plucked off the caps after seeing it was a tad too heavy.
And VOILA seriously my all time Favorite YYF
The supernova is a close second though

I didn’t get it because I already have a die nasty. I’d love to try the roll model though.

Would anyone mind posting a pic of the Roll Model with no caps?

I don’t want to take my caps off, but I can see threw them, and it has a raised area under the cap, no visible axle.