Is the YYF Roll Model good?


How does it stack up against other YYF metals (e.g. GENESIS, Horizon, Shutter)?


The Roll Model is ‘nothing’ like the three other yoyos that you mentioned. The shape and weight distribution is completely different than those 3 you mentioned.

The Roll Model was deliberately made to be a sort of throwback shape with a more effective weight distribution for the shape than similar shaped yoyos of the past.

I dont remember if it was Steve Browns signature model? But I think it was at the time Steve was associated with Yoyofactory in some capacity.

Steve was with Duncan for years and threw Freehands and Duncan MG shapes a lot. The Roll model isnt a Freehand or a Duncan MG… But it is a more Classic shape; much similar to the Old School Duncan yoyos. Even has side caps.

I have never heard anybody say anything ‘Wrong’ with a Roll Model. In todays’ lineup of various shapes; the Roll Model is not the first one people are looking to get… It doesnt have any special grinding type finish. It doesnt have any kind of ‘inner grind ring’. It is not especially rim weighted. It doesnt have any super size catch zone.

That’s the bad news…

The good news is that it is just what Yoyofactory intended it to be. An Excellent handling yoyo. Not too big or small in diameter. Not obviously ‘floaty or heaving on the string’. Not really wide or narrow. Has good weight distribution for the shape. It has a good ergonomic shape. It will actually fit pretty well in a pocket without looking like you have some sort of abdominal tumor in your pants. The lack of todays’ Wiide-style shape forces you to actually pay more attention if you want to hit your tricks. You cant play as sloppy as a more forgiving shape. < I could go on for quite awhile…

Bottom line is that I would never compare the Roll Model to the other YYF yoyos.

It can stand up to performance scrutiny because it is just a good, fun playing yoyo. It is: very well made, pretty, solid and worth the money. And if you can find one on the BST; even better.

I only remember them in blue? I may be wrong on that? I have a blue Roll Model. It is one of the few yoyos that I will most likely never sell.

A Red one would have been Awesome.

I would not call it a Contest level yoyo simply because it is not very forgiving to any high speed slop.

But in the right hands; you would never know its’ shape might limit its’ potential.

I love mine. :nerd_face:


Thanks for your detailed response. Reason being, I can either choose something like a Genesis or the Roll Model which they have reduced in price. I’m just unsure on one thing; why are there 0 reviews on this thing?


If you can only get one; get the Genesis.

Easiest way to explain this is… The Roll Model is a good yoyo.

The Genesis is a Better playing yoyo.

The Genesis is just more versatile; which gives it the edge when comparing those two.

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The Roll Model is indeed good. I remember enjoying mine a good bit a few years back.

With that said, I’d probably go for a Genesis or shutter given the choice today.

I received my roll model in a mystery box. With that purchase I made the choice to not make a choice. I was at the mercy of the people that packed the boxes; I was completely fine with that. Had I never gotten the roll model in that 2013 mystery box, I can’t say I would’ve went out of my way to seek it out. Upon receiving it, I found it to be quite capable. Everything yoyodoc stated was basically accurate.

My experience with the Roll Model is like a bug flying up your nose. I didn’t choose for it to be there, and if I did have a say it probably wouldn’t be there. Nevertheless it was still a fun ride. ;D


If money is the issue, the BST here has some really great deals.
Especially if you are starting out.