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??? ??? ??? whats good?


Well if you’re talking big companies only, YYF has probably the best selection for the price. YYJ’s not far behind and Duncan and Yomega have been stepping up their game lately, they just don’t have the sheer number of products that YYF and YYJ have.

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I tend to like YYF over YYJ stuff most of the time. I still respect Duncan for their history, and they seem to be catching up to modern times as well.
Still, after buying so many yoyos from the big names, it is the smaller companies that really have me
interested now.


Yep, the smaller companies always never have to worry about putting quantity out there, so they can focus on pure quality.


it really depends on what YOU are looking for…

some buy for speed and flex ability
some buy from only one or two companies period
some buy for only shape
some buy for simply color/color splash
some buy for weight/size

some just buy to add to their collections and may never throw them.

best manufacturer?




I recommend Spin Dynamics definitely. All three of the models are completely different.

The Smooth Move is built for grinding and floats like a cloud, and stings like a bee, :smiley:

The Monkey Fist is a powerhouse that has no float and beefy rims. It holds a world record for most iron whips. It slept for 10 minutes and had a whop count of almost 300.

The flow is their first full size model and floats but has a perfect amount heft to rival it. I got 2nd in NH states Sport 1A. It’s a perfect 43 mm width. I love the thing


What Zort said!

Trivia: I own the very Monkey Fist that was used to set that world record. :slight_smile:


I’d say onedrop is pretty large considering they manufacture throws for clyw, yomega, duncan, and a couple more. Considering how many companies trust their standards I’d check out their product. I’m personally a big fan of werrd and C3 but they’re not exactly big companies.


In the yoyo world, Werrd and C3 are pretty big, though. Just not compared to Fortune 500 companies. :wink:


I know the person that set the record :wink: MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Nah, but that’s really cool. I have that nickel on that Nick used for 3 years, then had it nickeled, then re sold it.


Nick is a great guy. :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing what he puts out next.

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Werrd could be quite big, they have great yo-yos and good pricing structure, their only problem is that they dont make enough yo-yos or too often.


They need to put the Fruiture into my hands. :wink: