I need a list

So i basically can use any yoyo that is not oversized or mighty flea’ed. I am looking for a new throw $150 at most. I need a list of yoyo’s that are better then a y factor. I always considered a y-factor, but I don’t know if there is anything better then it on the market. So if you don’t mind, the only things im looking for in a throw is a nice, grindable finish and availability (so no general yos!)

general yo has one of the nicest grind finish imo and the y factor is amazing theres nothing better than it only in some ones opinion there is not best yoyo

Only, it’s impossible to get a general yo… :’(

I think the Superstar would be nice for you. They sound just perfect! I’m going to get one at the Nationals in October, I can’t wait! ;D

the guys over at onedrop are making a yoyo at 54mm :o :o(IT CANT BE!!!) or at least so i hear i would wait and see wat there releasing