yyf roll model?

these have been sitting in the yoyoexpert shop for a while and i have been thinking about getting one given it’s light weight and it’s similar shape to the 888. does anybody have any experience with this throw?

Probably like an 888. Unstable, small, narrow, and outdated for modern play. I would get a yoyojam or a yoyo with real historical value if you want an older yoyo, such as a project. I like older throws, but it is unlikely you will enjoy this yoyo unless you really like the 888.

Doesn’t play like the 888 at all really, the Roll Model a full size yo-yo with lower walls and better weight distribution. I’m not saying it will compete with all modern yo-yos, it is a little on the narrow side with mid-walls, but it has some good speed/stability and can easily handle modern tricks. It won’t be great for horizontal play, but at $35 it’s a solid yo-yo.


sweet, thank you. i will take that into consideration. do you have anything you could closely compare it to?