Rockstar V 2012 Rockstar


I dont understand the difference between them

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I own a rockstar 2012.
Never tried a rockstar before.
I can tell you this the Rockstar 2012 has the same axle system as a Hectic.
Its got the exact same shape as a genesis . Its also got the same width and length of the Genesis.
Its pretty smooth.
If your interested im selling one (:


the original rockstar was made of 7075 aluminum which gave it that very slick glossy anodize
its cups were practicly basic with no really lips in them,

the 2012 rockstar is made of 6061 aluminum which gives it a very matte but smooth ano great for grinds, the cups are designed like the genesis with a nice thumb grind lip


thank you


The original Rockstar is heavier with thicker rims. The 2012 is lighter all around with less rim weight and plays faster. The 1st Rockstar outspins the 2012 and is even more stable.


You could not be more inaccurate.

The axle system is the same for all YYF metal throws…some don’t have a full tap though.

The shape of the Genesis and the Rockstar are not entirely different…but they are there…look at the rims and the catch zone.

And finally…the Rockstar is 43mm wide and 56 mm tall while the Genesis is 42.7 and 56.3…yes small differences but they are there…you make it sound like they are the same yoyo.

I’ve been seeing a lot of incorrect information thrown about on the threads lately. Do some research guys.