Rockstar good?

Was just wondering is the rockstar good? i heard its just a rock on a string lol and that the genesis is a lot better or do the 2 play different in play style? If so then what is the rockstar good for (slow fast styles etc)

Depending on what model of the rockstar you’re talking about i’d have to say, it’s not a rock on a string. If you’re talking about the one that came out in 2010 i find it to be a smooth playing and stylish looking yo-yo that has every chance to perform above and beyond what people expect. If you are talking about the rockstar 2012 it’s a great yoyo that while similar to the genesis is more of a competition grade yoyo that can handle all of the needs for those who want to win a contest. It’s a gram lighter than the 2010 version which is a considerable difference from the original, the irg is a new piece to it too, the overall distribution of the weight on the 2012 rockstar is a bit more smooth than the original, though it does take away from the aesthetic value of the yoyo in my opinion… but it’s a great player if you like full sized yoyos.

I hope this helps a little

thanks helps a lot lol and yeah i did forget to put which year SRRY! but yeah i was talking about the 2010 one thanks again