Dear Yoyo freaks… thanks very much for stopping by to read this review.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try out both the first edition Rockstar and new edition side by side so that I could make up my mind and in the end… I got the 2012.

2012 Specs:

Diameter: 56.43 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 42.81 mm / 1.68 inches
Gap Width: 4.84 mm / .19 inches
Weight: 67.0 grams
Bearing Size: YYF SPEC Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD

Appearance: The front profle is the same as before, keeping the famous Protostar shape but the sides are from the Genesis. You could say this is a hybrid Rockstar that takes elements of two models and molding them into one.

This yoyo has a wonderful Blue/Black Acid wash tumble finish that seems to darken or lighten depending on the angles and how intense the light is. It’s really fascinating to look at, I just keep turning it around and around. Very captivating… And It feels lush and super smooth.

There is a new logo on the side. The first edition has the gem star logo and this one has a lateral profle of a rock gem. I did not like it at first, but now it kinda grows on me. Aside from practical reasons…the infamous 2012 number gives it a certain appeal.

Play/Feel: The shape is comfortable enough. If you are familiar with the Protostar, Starlite or Northstar,that is what this feels like, only that it’s metal of course. I find it very solid, Rock solid in fact…hehe. Also thick and beefy. Like real beefy. This is the beefiest feeling throw in my collection, just so much beef. No need to ask where the beef is here.

This yoyo is real smooth and I feel that it edges out the first edition in this regard. The new weight distribution really seems to have helped out. As you will see from the pics below, this yoyo has an exposed axle to keep center weight at a minimum and maximize the rim weight.

Thanks to its smooth finish, finger, palm and arm grinds are easy! If you own the protostar then you know what a poor grinder it is therefore the Rockstar is the ONLY choice if you love this shape.

Where the 2012 is weak is in the IRG dept. The first edition Rockstar has an excellent inner rim perfect for IRGs and the 2012 has a much smaller lip, same as in the Genesis and Yuuksta. You have to position your thumb just right. I suppose if you’re a kid or younger teen with smaller hands this might be a non issue, but to an adult it is rather uncomfortable. This is really the only thing I don’t like about the 2012.

On the String the 2012 plays fast or slow, anyway you want it. And at 67 grams it has a good overall feel for its size to weight ratio with a ton of stability.

The catch zone is nice and wide for easy catches, plus there is a wide low walled gap for more unresponsiveness, Zero Drag, and for layering string segments with no snagging. This yoyo also boasts very very good balance with virtually no tilt at all.

The 2012 has decent float too, around 2 full seconds and can handle absolutely anything you throw at it! Intermediate to Master Level tricks, long combos etc as it offers excellent spin time and tight binds. This yoyo is definitely in the top 5 of my collection.

To conclude: for the price, this is a great deal!!! and an excellent choice in it’s price bracket.

And again, if you LOVE the Protostar, the Rockstar 2012 is that times 10! Smoother, more Stable, more Solid and offers Longer Spins!

Have fun!!

I love my ProtoStar man this would be so nice if I had the money… But good review. I appreciate seeing well thought out in depth reviews keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the words of support! I like doing these and have more coming… so exciting! I hope you can get a 2012 sometime soon as I’m sure you will so love it!

Man, the 2012 looks so sexy…

Hehe, yes I agree, quite sexy, so fitting for a Rockstar yoyo!

I took some daylight pics the other day to try and show how wonderful the tones are on this, so they are added below. It almost looks like it was machined right out of a hunk of black and blue granite.

And while I’m on here I’ll also mention that I was timing sleepers this week, so the Rockstar came in at 4:45 using a fairly new bearing that has never been cleaned before. Afterwards I used a totally clean and thin lubed bearing and got 8:41. I know some people want to know this so there it is. Have a good one!

Nice review, now i’m really impatient to get it in the mail ;D
This yoyo really took the best from two worlds :smiley:

Thanks dude… you’re so gonna love it. I played it today side by side against the Supernova and new Catalyst and in my opinion the 2012 beats them both in overall performance. Good Choice!

really it looks dirty to me

That’s the weirdest thing I ever heard haha. Where some see beauty others see dirt. You could write YYF and voice your opinion on this finish and say hey, u guys make a dirty looking yoyo. haha. but on a serious note, if that’s stopping you from liking it, there is another color available for this throw, light green I think. thx for the post-

I love the way the Protostar feels, is it sorta like that? If it is…it will be my next metal.

I love the way the Protostar feels, is it sorta like that? If it is…it will be my next metal.

You can count on that, for any protostar lover… this is a must have. Ever since I got this, I don’t even play the Protostar anymore. When you find something even better, you just don’t look back, (at least I don’t hehe).

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Wait you think its solid? Maybe its just me but it feels surprisingly floaty for a heavy yoyo.

I don’t think it, I know it…hehe. one of the most solid feeling throws I’ve played. I did say towards the bottom though that it has decent float, not as floaty as others but good float for it’s weight class so we kinda say the same thing. thx for the post!

This was a great review.

At the same time these are the kind of reviews that make me want to spend all my money on yoyos.

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Great review. I to have tried it side by side with the Original(Plays well but has a wierd feel to it almost hollow) also played it next to Northstar, Protostar, Starlight, Supernova, Genesis, Severe, and a lot of others. (Yes I have them all)
I find the Rockstar2012 the best. most comfortable, solid, stable, smooth. out of them all. If you like the shape of the Star series love the feel of teh genesis. then you have to kick yourself right now for not having the 2012 Edition already. It really is that good.

Finally got a Cooler colorway on the way. had a buddy grab it at ECC for me. Purple with Silver Splash. Cant wait to get it in hand.

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Thanks! I know… buying yoyos is almost addicting hehe. I’m already drooling to try out the Super G! hehe

YES!!! I couldn’t agree with you more. Side by side comparisons help tremendously.

One of my friend went to the ECC, says he’s bringing me back something cool…so we’ll see. Hehe, didn’t Paul Kerbel use a colorway at the prelims??? Very cool looking throws!