Mutant dna vs rockstar 2012 vs avalanche

I looking for a new yoyo and was just wondering which one you guys prefer so yeah

I really am just looking for a nice smooth yoyo that plays beastly

Mutant DNA vs rockstar 2012 vs avalanche

well for me i prefer the rockstar shape, but its up to ur preferances what u should get, they all play amazing

When I’m looking for a beast of a yoyo that can handle whatever I can throw at it, I like more angular shapes. While round shapes are just as capable, they’re not quite as forgiving if you’re just experimenting, free-styling or just being generally less controlled, IMO.

I would go with an Avalanche or Rockstar. But I’m not you. A mutant DNA looks like a lot of fun too.

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I played the Rockstar 2012 and the first edition Rockstar yesterday and I was really impressed. If you want something rock solid and long spinning, then either Rockstar will be a great choice.

The Rockstar is a metal protostar and the protostar is a plastic that can play like a metal, you can imagine how good the Rockstar is. The mutant DNA looks sick too. Try out a Protostar too see if you like then get a Rockstar if you liked the protostar.

i have a protostar 3 in fact, 2 northstars and a starlight and i love them but the rockstar 2012 is nothing like the original rockstar

Yes, but it is still based of of of the protostar.

which rockstar is better?? should i try getting a code 1 instead? is it any good with horizontal play?

In my opinion go With the avalanche. Caribou lodge is a great company plus the avalanche is one of my top throws. If you can find one which isn’t easy.