Rockefeller Promo Video!

Enjoy in HD
Yoyo: Square Wheels Rockefeller
Song: Make You Better By: Gramatik
String: Kitty String (Fat)


Dem exposure changes.

I want a Rockefeller, dey look amzings…

Yes, yes they do:

Great vid Owen! Wasn’t it a little cold for a T-shirt?


Fun video, Owen. Like Hippos, thought it seemed COLD for a T-shirt!

I see this video going places!

Nah, it was actually about 60 degrees Fahrenheit today where I am so I of course had to take advantage of it and film some of my newer tricks :wink:

Thanks to everyone for all your nice words!

I am so jelly of that…

You gotta pick one of those up when they drop then you won’t have to be jealous anymore!


Or 4. How many color ways will there be? I want dem all…

Not sure how many colorways there will be, but expect mroe than 4 :wink:

Tag this as Not Safe For Wallet.

when’s the rex and rock coming to YYE?

They will be in most stores by the end of the month.


last bump before i make a new bideooooooooooooo