rock bottom

what do you do when you feel like you cant land anything? or like you are horrible at yoyoing:( I have been yoyoing for 3 months and I feel like everytime I go for something big I fail…lol,any advice? :-\

just keep going and dont get discouraged that happened to me a few times too

Try different styles. I’m usually 1A, but I’ll switch off to 5A when I get bored. Or use another thing like AstroJax or spin tops.

Don’t go for something big :slight_smile: Take it slow, go with the flow, walk with the tide, have glide in your stride.

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Like anything, yoyoing does take a lot of practice. I’ve been doing off/on for 15 years and i just kept practicing trapeze, double or nothing, split the atom, etc, trying to get the building blocks down, however now with the youtube generation I can learn much faster, and have been enjoying it more now. I finally got kwijibo down, after learning about it 11 years ago.

Just keep throwing, you’re probably better than 99% of people anyways.

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At 3 months you probably don’t have the skill developed to hit harder tricks, consistantly.
The people you see that can spent the time on the building blocks of what ever trick, and now can hit the “big stuff”.
Keep it up you will be rock solid before you know it.

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