Someone broke into my locker at the gym tonite. Got my wallet w/license and credit cards, my car key remote and my watch. Called my credit card companies to report them as stolen. I had three cards - 2 credit cards and a debit card. The three cards were used a total of 10 times at the same store within 15 minutes, for $505 each time. 1 transaction on one card. 4 on another and 5 on the other. The card with 1 transaction was locked when they tried it a 2nd time. Surprised the other two cards were not recognized as fraudulent purchases given that they were all the same amount and within a very short time. I’ve been in this store and know they only have two clerks on at nite. Apparently they are either too dense to recognize these cards were stolen or they are part of the scheme.

Now I have to go get new ID, insurance cards and all that, as well as get a new key fob for the car and have the car reprogrammed so the stolen fob doesn’t work. I guess the next couple of days are going to be busy… >:(


What a hassle. Kudos to the clerks who didn’t realize there were all those transactions made to the same card in a short window, really some brain power right there.


That sucks, did they catch the thief? I assume the gym would have a record of who was there at the time your things were stolen.

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Few things are more lame than being robbed. I know the feeling all too well. Im sorry for the violation of peace of mind and the hassles of having to take care of all this other crap that you have to pursue. :-[

Hope the best for a speedy recovery.


The gym was able to identify two juveniles coming out of the locker room on their cameras. They were carrying what appeared to be a wallet. They have notified the police and the police are going to interview the store where the cards were used to see if they can verify from their cameras that the same people used the cards. Normally this would go to the bottom of the investigators pile but due to the fact that the gym can identify them and the amount involved they are pursuing. They charged 10 $500 gift cards in less than 5 minutes at the store. They actually tried for an 11th transaction but the card company denied it. I talked to the store manager and implied that either their employee was really naive or in on it. His comment was that the store policy is that anything over $100 needs a managers approval. Obviously someone didn’t follow the rule and needs to be dealt with one way or the other. It also cost me $300 to get a new key fob and have the code for the stolen fob cancelled. I don’t expect to get anything back but I would like to see them get caught and have their life turned upside down for a couple of weeks like mine ha been. The cards were cancelled but the charges still show on my accounts. I was told that this is normal until the situation is resolved on their end.

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The whole thing is just a huge bummer for you. I’m sorry to hear it’s happened.


In some countries thieves get their hands chopped off 8)


Fun fact lol


Wow, that sucks. I️ hope they catch whoever stole your stuff

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I have nearly nothing to offer other than an ear to pull if you ever need. However I do have strings, so if you want or need any, just let me know. Id be happy to send some your way. Its not much, but I got you fam.


I had a card hacked recently and the charge stayed on for about a week until it was all cleared up. If they charged $5k they’re probably looking at a felony theft charge, in addition to the fraud.

Really sorry to hear this. :frowning:


Yes, I’m sure the amount raised the priority at the police dept. The night I reported it at the gym, the cop that took the report said not to expect too much. I expected it to go to the bottom of the cold case stack. When I found out the amounts involved and the fact that the gym staff were tentatively able to identify the guys I went to the station w/that info. That seemed to get their attention. They’ve already been to the gym and the bank. The bank sent me a release form so they could give the cops the account records. Don’t know if they’ve been to the store. All of the transactions were removed from the accounts today.


That’s good news about the charges being removed. Here’s hoping they’re able to identify and apprehend the jerks who stole your stuff.


Probably time to change the gym (YMCA) I go to. Another locker was broken into last nite. They need to hire a locker room attendant or at the very least patrol them every 15 minutes or so. Of course installing cameras in the locker room would never fly… :o

Talked to the police yesterday about my case. They have closed their investigation and sent the info to the county attorney. It’s up to them to decide if they will charge or not. Of course the perps are juveniles so they will get a slap on the wrist at most.


What really sucks beyond the invasive hassle they caused you is that juveniles have parents, so where are they in all this? I hope they are held responsible for what their spawn have done.

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The whole thing sucks pretty hard. Hooray for credit card laws that don’t hold us liable for theft though. Still, as you note, doesn’t make up for the other costs. Both time and money.

I generally really like YMCAs as a gym. They tend to be more chill and less dbag bro-y. Everybody from grey hairs to college kids just working out. They’ve also had a little member ID card scanner thing to restrict access to the locker rooms for a while now. So I’m sure that helps. Though it’s obviously not foolproof.

That said, I also never use the locker room because I live close enough to my local YMCA to just drive home.


Probably not likely in this case, I highly doubt there’s much parental involvement given what I’ve been told.

Yes, I’ve made some good friends there. And I like the Y because it’s not lifetime fitness or any of the other big time gyms.

Yeah, the card thing sorta works. These guys however were “members”, thru the YMCA community outreach programs. :wink:

I use the locker room because I also use the pool and hot tub. MN weather kinda dictates that you use the facilities. ::slight_smile: