just trying to keep my hopes up here....


my friend, you might know him as darkadlermagic3 (most likely not), is a happy guy. after a got him into yoyoing, it looked like my skills have a run for its money! well two days ago, someone stole something very dear to him.


he said it happened at gym. he came back into the locker room, to find his backpack open and his phenom missing. what is strange is that his phone was still there. i guarantee he didnt lose it. someone who mustve known he yoyos must have stolen it. i am sharing this for the small chance he will get it back. maybe the person who stole it will get into yoyoing and get on the forums. if a new member is trying to sell a blue/black acid wash phenom with gold rings, no caps, be on the lookout. thank you.

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Was going to bump, then saw the time stamp. The person who took it probably has no idea what they’ve got.


If the guy who took it left the phone behind, odds are he saw your friend enjoying yoyoing and just wanted to be a massive tool bag. Hope the phenom finds its way back into the proper hands soon. fingers crossed


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Why don’t you just tell your gym teacher to tell the kid to fess up? Ah, it may be a little stupid but that’s pretty messed up and shouldn’t go unnoticed. Or go to all the douches in your class and ask them if they have it.


If they don’t know how to yo-yo, they will eventually throw it and realize the yo-yo won’t come back up anyway, and it’s not as easy as they thought. What a shame. :frowning:


It has to be someone near you because obviously that person knows that persons locker combination so that narrows down the somewhat. Plus if the person is stupid engouh that person will return it and have a dumb excuse like oh no I was just borrowing it without permission. that and tell a teacher he needs to change his locker combination so he can’t get in his locker again. Plus if that’s a related art that means it’s someone in another grade or it is someone in the grade that passes that persons locker to go to get to there next class. hope that helps plus tell the principal because that is not expectable as well as that person obviously knows he keeps his Yoyo in his backpack and in that specific place in order for that to happen.


I would offer a reward for its safe return.

Agreeing with Totalarist; the person probably does not know how to yoyo. Once they realize they cannot play it - maybe the reward will tempt them. Make sure its “no questions asked…”

I would be absolutely distraught if someone stole my Phenom. My sympathies :’(


Wow. That’s hard to read.


I think this is a huge bummer. I think someone stole my Di-Base one time. Never got it back.

I wish I could just magically get money or have someone give me one.

But oh well, that’s life. There are bad people and there are good people.

The good people should try to help the bad people become good people.

Good Luck.


Wow, that stinks. I would tell an adult or something and try to get it back before it’s too late.

I know how it feels. Last weekend I got my bike stolen. A new bike that I got for my birthday over the Summer. And it’s weird because my two friends bikes didn’t get stolen, only mine. Just how like he only took his yoyo, and not his phone.

Well, I wish him luck in finding it!

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Amen, my thoughts exactly. Grammar is a wonderful thing!


Grammar and spelling are my best friends.


thanks all you guys. i will bet the person who stole it knew the yoyo was dear to him. i bet they didnt know the thing costs $140. thats a crime punishable by law i believe. its basically like stealing jewelry. ughhhh i feel so bad for him… but thanks for all your support.


it was in his backpack… but thanks anyways.


Your welcome as long as the Yoyo is in your hands your fine


the closest thing to stealing my yoyo that someone did was ding my Avalanche on the blacktop. that really sucks that it was a phenom. hope he gets it back.




thanks for that. no updates. looks like its gone for good… :frowning:


I had something like this happened to me last year. I was watching a video on something in my world studies class and i had my chief in my pocket and it fell out and rolled literally right to my teachers desk and she took it. The next day at the end of my class i ask for my chief back and she told me to go and get it from her desk and i went to her desk and it was gone. A week or so later i heard that someone had apparently bought a chief on the internet so I went to go and check it out. It turns out it was my chief that the guy and the only way i knew is that it had custom silicone pads. But unfortunately he lost the chief in one of his classes. So then he just gave me money for a new one.

So lets say there is still hope for your friend!


Lol Zach…the saga of your post chief continues. I have all of my 8th grade friends looking for it lol… Mr Boone has it right? Or had it… :stuck_out_tongue: