Robbed Of Best Items

As movers or passerby’s have stolen an incredibly valuable box of irreplaceable items, for insurance purposes, what would an unopened original Dave Mateo Kendama be worth? Roughly… Any ideas? Thanks. Aside from countless top of the line yo-yos and a sweet balisong and a few other Kendamas, and all of my bagpipe books, some irreplaceable as well(and rare) I lost a lifetime collection of foreign money. :weary::weary::weary: I could cry. Any help would be appreciated as I’m going to file a homeowners insurance claim.

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I’m no insurance expert… but I will tell you this>

When you get a Homeowners policy, you normally document what you feel needs to be insured and the Insurance considers if they are willing to insure it.

Also, they will ask you to provide receipts for all items you claim got stolen. An itemized list so they can consider compensating you for your loss.

You can’t tell them you want to make a claim for all the stuff you collected but can’t provide them with paperwork to prove it was even in your house… to get stolen.

When it comes to collecting money, the Insurance has no hesitation…

But when it comes to paying a loss claim; you have to provide them with the ‘paperwork’. The don’t want to hear about you getting ‘robbed’ of a whole grip of cool, expensive stuff.

Sad but true.

Just like when you have a car. And you want to get it insured against potential loss of components add-ons whatever…

The one itemize list of all the extras that you have on the car: sound system, navigation system, custom rims, custom seats, custom suspension, fancy tires, etc. that’s the only way they’re gonna be able to calculate how much they are going to charge you to ensure your ride.

Yoyos and Kendama’s and bagpipe books are no different. If you have them in your house and you expect to be covered for them. If you expect be compensated for them in the event that they get burned up or stolen or mudslide flattens your house they have to be aware of what you have in your house. They are not gonna take your word that you had something and you feel bad because you don’t now…

Sorry I didn’t have anything real positive to say. Unless you’re not mentioning something that I missed that’s just the way it is. Good luck


Insurance is really only good for catastrophic events and damage. Just so you don’t completely lose your life. Doc is correct. Its gonna be uphill the whole way and collectibles pfff! Good luck, don’t get your hopes up

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I had a bike stolen when I was 16 and my parents claimed it on their homeowners. It’s not like I’m claiming my $95,000.00 watch collection has gone missing. High ticket items have to be specified. Small items and household things are covered under your policy. Its called replacement cost coverage. Jewelry is an “option” like “flood” or whatever. It’s not like a car. An insurance company doesn’t need you to provide them with a list of everything in your home. Also, how do you provide a receipt for a book printed in 1932 and gifted to you by your instructor? You don’t… that doesn’t mean I didn’t own it.
You have to file a police report and sign swearing it you’re telling the truth. That’s about it. Then the police give you a claim form for the items listed stolen.

So if anyone has any idea of the going rate for the Mateo Kendama, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.


Try asking on downspike if you want a more accurate figure. It will probably be whatever someone feels like paying, but kendama don’t really go for the same level of money as something like a mint viszilla or peak


I’ll check that out. Thanks.


I feel bad for your loss, buddy. In the big scheme of things it’s just Stuff but it’s OUR Stuff with all kinds of value moneywise and with the memories attached. Sorry.


Thanks. I’m pretty gutted over it. Some things I’ve had for 41 year… and I’ll be hard pressed to replace 60% of it.


I’m also not an insurance expert, but are you absolutely positive your home owner’s insurance covers collectibles and “rare” items?

If it doesn’t, then most likely, your kendama will be valued at the replacement cost of a similar/comparable kendama – in other words, not much.

Typically you would be required to purchase an additional rider (additional coverage) for notable things like collections, one-of-a-kinds, rarities, irreplaceable stuff like heirlooms, etc; it’s highly unlikely it would have been included in the base coverage by default. The insurance company would then authorize an appraisal to assess the “fair” value and set the additional premium you’d be charged.

You need to know how your policy is structured and what the limits are.


Curious, what bagpipe books got stolen. Doubt that I would have them but might have some friends who might be able to help locate some. Also keep an eye out at pawn shops. A lot of times thieves don’t realize what they have.


That’s a great idea! It might be worth it even to visit the local pawn shops with a list of what got stolen and ask them to contact you if it shows up.



100% this. I had some stuff stolen out of my car once (digital camera, lenses etc.) and was able to locate it all at a nearby pawn shop. The dummy was dumb enough to let the pawn shop take his picture with the camera too. Not the smartest criminal for sure. Definitely call / check with local pawn shops though. You never know.

Best of luck. I hope you either find your stuff or get reimbursed from the home insurance claim.


That’s true, but “claiming it’s rare” and showing an actual replacement cost of $950 are two different things. I’ll provide an itemized list of values and see how it washes out and replace everything the best I can. Literally every YoYo and Kendama is from 2012 to 2017 and all unavailable. So I’ll replace them with similars or Version 2,3 etc. then do the eBay/forum hunt for years to come. As for the rare book… it’s irreplaceable. I’ve only ever seen one copy, in a rare book store. Big Sad.

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Lots of pawn shops to cover, but I’m going to do so.

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The only irreplaceable one is a second edition Kilberry from 1932. It’s close to twice the size of a modern day Kilberry and has a few extra “nameless” tunes in it. That and the years of personal transcriptions and notes. Everything else is luckily still available, to the tune of $2600…. Not counting multiple sets of drone and chanter reeds. Luckily my chanter collection was in my car with my pipes and super fragile items.

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Hi there I am actually a property claims adjuster in California . I usually handle high exposure losses but can give some fees back in collectibles . Depending on the state and the policy that you have usually there is a sub limit for collectible items. You would need to individually endorse items that have sub limits on them to collect their full value . Most policies from what I know have a $1000 limit on collectibles otherwise . If you have a renters policy it may very much be worth it as those policies will usually have a much smaller deductible . However if you have a homeowners policy the deductible can be much high and may out weigh the benefits.

As someone mentioned above homeowners insurance is really designed for large catastrophic events such as a fire or a car cashing through your dining room which are things I see regularly . LOL good luck brother !


I have a $1000 deductible and that’s it. $200 cash max, and they are saying that my collection of German reich marks and foreign money is “money” and I’m telling them that it isn’t and that’s the only arguing point at the moment. Value of stolen items is $5147 and that actual cost, not “replacement cost” bevy even if I can FIND my old throws they will likely be double if not triple what I paid. They were all mint carpet throws too… with boxes.

As far as the Yoyos go. Please list them so people can help you. Also are the items insured on the policy?

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