can you insure a yoyo collection? XD


i just get paranoid, just wondering if i can insure my friends here just in case the worst happens and they get stolen X_X


You can insure pretty much anything. Just google some strange things that people have insured over the years, some of them are very perculiar.

Just make sure you hide them well… :stuck_out_tongue:


as mentioned you can insure virtually anything…



spankies,never though about it till now,ima do some traveling by car cross the country and i get worried…X_X grand theft auto, and my babies r in the car…


Troy Pollamallu has insurance on his hair. A million dollars. I don’t see why not.

(Ian) #6

Homes owners/rental insurance?
Would that apply?


Yes it does. But you need proof of what you had and how much it cost. I keep all my yoyo receipts and photographs of the yoyos to prove their worth in the event of a catastrophic loss.


hiwd u get sooo smart…? thats genius


Yes. All of my yo-yo photography started out of a need to take photos for insurance purposes. YoyoExpert sent me a .pdf file for all of my purchases during the year, the last few years. I submitted that with the photos. One of the many reasons I like to buy here. :slight_smile:


Woah! Guess I got to get mine insured now O.o


Insurance is a rip off! If I were you I would put half as much as the insurance would charge you a month and set it aside, and if anything ever happened then you would most likely have the money to buy new throws, unless it was stolen right away, but thats very unlikely.

The reason why I say insurance is for suckers is because places like Best Buy have their workers push insurance over and over again because thats what they make the most money on. They will make money on you and if your yoyos get stolen lets say by a friend or something and you call them to collect they will say “you need a documented police report” “oh it was a friend?? We only cover break ins” blahblahblah. They always have some sort of loop hole to get out of it. Seriously any type of insurance is a rip off, I forget the statistics but its well over 90% pay more into it than they will ever get out of it.

I have no idea how much it would be to insure a collection but they bank on most people just auto paying the insurance and forgetting they have it, then if they need to use it there is some sort of clause that prevents them from collecting. Insurance companies I wouldnt say are scams, but they arent out to “protect you” like they claim, they are out for your money #1.

Most of this is annoyance is from car insurance commercials where they try to make them look cool and funny or witty with a character mascot and are like “Save $100 over car insurance X” when in reality (in USA) you might save from one company to the next but in the big picture they are all owned by AIG auto insurance which was part of the trillions of dollars of tax payer bail out money that we had to pay.

Hahaha sorry for the rant, go ahead and insure if you are wanting to! =)


Your home owners and auto policies cover you personal property. You need to be able to prove the value of the item. If your policy doesn’t have a replacement value rider they will not pay you full price. You don’t need a special rider specifically for yoyos. It would be foolish unless you are a collector.


I mostly agree with this. I have to have it on my house and my car though, because if you don’t around here, you can get into a lot of trouble. I have a pretty good home alarm system too. So, even if only “most” of my things are covered, I’m still in pretty good hands. I’m better off taking advantage of the insurance I have to have. Taking photos and getting a printout of transactions from YYE is not too much trouble. The real problem, if my collection was stolen, is not buying everything again, it’s actually finding everything again. That would take some time. Yup!