Ripcord HELP !


Alright , I will get straight to the point now.

I am doing Wormhole now and I’d got some problem when I’m doing the Ripcord.

Every time after the first land on the double string after split bottom mount, my yoyo will tilt to one side (a little) and the string extended from my throw hand finger is very loose (kinda like not tightened).

And most of the time when I’m about to do the second land on the double string then dismount to get to reverse Ripcord at the bottom, sometimes I’ll fail because of disruptions from the throw hand string, and often is due to my yoyo tilts too much or hit my non-throw hand index finger (kinda like the gap is too small so it hits).

I really need to know what is the actual problem. Here are some of predictions :

  1. Yoyo spin time
  2. Yoyo gap too small
  3. String tension problem
  4. Technique problem
  5. String length
  6. My own hand problem perhaps ???

p/s: I’m using a very low priced Auldey Illusion plastic yoyo (RM14 in Malaysia Currency)


well the best logical problems is : 4 and 5

But you might considered changing to a new yo


It may be 2, 4, or 5 perhaps. The only picture I could find of the gap with stock bearing appeared quite small. I know when I was new, people just kept telling me to practice practice practice, so it could just be an inconsistency. If you’re having issues hitting your NTH Index Finger then string length could be in question. A couple extra inches really can make a difference.

I hope it starts to go better! :smiley:


Which type of string are you using and is your yoyo respnsive or unresponsive? I actually had trouble with this trick a few months ago as well so I think I might be able to help.

Number 1 and 2 are probably not the reason because I’ve got quite a small gap on my yoyo as well and the spin time just won’t affect this trick at all.

Number 3,4 and 5 are quite probable because when I started out with this trick string tension was a big problem for me (in fact, string tension is usually the reason that the yoyo gets stuck which also affects the spin time.) To solve if Number 3 is a problem or not, do a test ripcord by throwing a sleeper then pinch a bit of string near the yoyo (about 2 or 3 inches but watch out because this might affect the spin time) and bring it up to the end of the string to see if the string starts to tangle around or not.

To check if number 4 is the cause, watch the YYE ripcord tutorial and go along with it with a dead yoyo (pause it when needed so that you can do it slowly and carefully.) If you’re doing something different than you usually do when doing ripcord then number 4 is obviously the problem.

Once again, what string are you using? If the string is too short, it will cause problems. I’m using the 100 count SLICK 6 which is approx. 110.5 cm (I should be using poly but I’m not because I still haven’t run out of the SLICK 6 which I bought a while ago.) For number 6, I don’t really think it’s a problem (unless you’ve got broken bones and joints) and the yoyo probably won’t be a problem because Audley yoyos are still capable of doing these kind of tricks. Hope this helps ;D


thank you so much :smiley: i found that the main problem is my string length which is short and the string tension of course. now i’d got myself a YYF Protostar so i got no problems advancing to the next grade :smiley: thx for the help