Rip Cord Help

When doing ‘rip cord’ at the end of the trick when I release the string from the throw hand into the backward trapeze the yoyo does not drop down easily. I am required to shake it down into the backward trapeze. The string seems to have tension causing this. How do I correct this problem?

If you think tension is your problem, correct your tension. There are lots of topics to search for that have lots of good videos for ways to do so while it’s sleeping. (Sidewinder is a great way)

It also might be that your string is old or it’s humid where you are and the strings aren’t sliding around on your hands.

If the string tension is the problem, then you just have to spin it the right way to undo it. I use this way to correct my string tension-

Here’s a good tutorial by Ibanezcollector-

Hope I helped!

I have the same problem. I found that pulling gently on my throwhand helps drop the strings.

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you can also use my string tension guide just search a guide to stringe tension it’ll be by me yoyoblaze

This seems to work for me too. Thanks all

it happens to me but try adjusting string tesion

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If you live in florida like me, its like 98% humidity every day. That always screws up my ripcord. The Point is, make sure the strings can slide through your fingers easily.

You could try wearing a glove to get it to slide smoothly. Alternatively, you could try swinging the yoyo harder, so the force is able to push the strings down.