ripcord trouble

everytime i try ripcord it seems i have very little space to land the second loop when i watch the video it looks like theres plenty of room any ideas

Try landing on the strings closer to your freehand index. That should give you plenty of room.

don’t think im following you it seems like theres a lot of string on my non throw hand going into second loop i don’t see how else to land the first loop though

Maybe your flipping the yoyo over you finger to many times. Try testing the pull and see if lands in a trapeze. Another reason is that you might have a shorter string. W

What Kyle means, is that when you flip the yoyo over your finger, try to land the yoyo closer to your NTH index, thus decreasing the size of the loop between your finger and the yoyo.

This trick will be a little more difficult than others depending the responsiveness of your yoyos so make sure you are landing as many of the stings inside the gap and away from the walls as possible.

thanks for the help i have landed it a few times now it still seems like theres not much room but i think the slack in the string isn’t letting go for some reason plus i only have a very short window to pull this off before my kickside stops sleeping so i cant really play with it much i guess its nothing more practice wont fix

Yeah, there usually isn’t tons of space. Just go double on and release and you should get it. :wink: