Help Ripcord


Every time I swing the yoyo back on the two strings it bounces up and off like it just does not belong there. I searched and read all the threads for help on this trick but no one else seemed to have this bouncing effect as their problem. It’s weird and very annoying as I’ve been trying this trick for like 45 minutes now with not one proper landing.

I’ve tried giving the string more slack between nth and th and also have made sure string tension was correct before every throw.

Any ideas why this is happening. Using YYJ DM2 with responsive bearing.


I dont know how to describe this, but dont pull the two strings tight.i don’t really know how this is happening… Try to get more (or less), momentum. If you have to much, it could bounce back.


I’m not sure I’d be able to reliably do a ripcord with a responsive yoyo. That’s a lot of string in the gap.

Even if you don’t know how to bind yet, you could throw the large bearing in and give it a try-- you might like the peace of mind that comes with “ah, so it IS just the gap!”. :wink:

Also, you ARE doing it from a sleeper/frontstyle, yes? You probably can’t get a good ripcord going if the yoyo is spinning the opposite way.


Oh yah, that could be the problem too. I didn’t learn this trick till I was advanced… I thought it was a stupid pointless trick.


Sorry for my ignorance to your question but I don’t know if am doing it “frontstyle” or not but assume I am. I’m holding it with string wound toward palm and throwing sleeper like for all the other intermediate tricks listed here in the learn section. Can do split atom, trapeze, bucket, brain twister, etc… All the first basic tricks but this one. Was planning on changing the bearing after got this one down but don’t guess would hurt to go ahead and try now. Just wanted to make sure wasn’t missing something simple since picked up on all the other tricks really quick. But this one is killing me. Strings seem like are in gap but yoyo acts like it will not go there and forcefully bounces out no matter what.


Yeah, sounds front-style to me. Same throw you’d use for split the atom (but NOT the same throw you’d do for trapeze).

yoyo143: ripcord is a classic trick for transitioning from split bottom mount to bottom mount, which can then move into another trick or come up for bind. Need bind from a split bottom mount? Ripcord! Not a pointless trick at all. If anything, it’s a functional trick that’s more about what it accomplishes than how it looks.


Oh lol, I can do ripcord now, I just didn’t learn it till I was like advanced.


Yeah, I would switch the bearings. I switched bearings sooner than later. I wanted to learn stop and go, which was my 2nd intermediate trick, and my last one with a responsive throw. I found all the other intermediate tricks to be more fun with the unresponsive, plus it gives a lot more practice with learning to bind well. I only have one bind, but I now do it well. ;D