ripcord and atomic bomb


i am confused on how to do them. ??? i can do mach 5, split the atom, double or nothing, triple or nothing, drop in the bucket, binds, brain twister, stop and go, but these 2 tricks i cant do. plz help!!! :smiley:

(Hardcore_Max) #2

with rip cord you have to try and keep the strings and the yoyo aligned nicely also if you have a yoyo with a small gap it makes it more difficult, and with atomic bomb/ barrel rolls just keep practicing watch some other vids about the trick, when I was learing this trick it took me a while and then all of the sudden I just got it.


for atomic bomb think of it this way:
when you do “split the atom” remember when you bring your finger under the yoyo after doing the split bottom mount? all atom bomb is doing is getting to that part, flipping the yoyo over the front finger(so right handed people this would be your right index finger) onto the left string and then repeating that motion until the string gets wound over your finger too much to do any more repetitions.

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You know… after watching my friend fail at atomic bomb miserably, i might just be able to help you…
First, i’d watch some people who are really good at atomic bomb do it. With just about any trick this has helped me. But theres a way to look at it that might help you. The first time you go into, you thread the string into the yoyo like split the atom. The second time you go into the top string, you need to pop the yoyo into it. That’s because there’s nothing to keep the yoyo from falling like last time. The point is, it’s not the same motion each time. It alternates between the two motions. Thread, pop, thread, pop, thread, pop…
As for rip cord you may just want to try a yoyo with a bigger gap. And make sure to keep the strings very strait.

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i can do the atomic bomb and ripcord now!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


ive got a dm