Atomic Bomb/Barrell Roll

Okay… whenever I do atomic bomb, I can’t get the pushing out with the yoyo. Everything I do is right, but the yoyo doesn’t push out on the string after the underpass.

Well, when you push the two strings, dont try to make the yoyo land on the string. Try to bring the string under the yoyo.

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i’ve had the same problems with the trick. i went to different tutorials to make sure i was doing it right. the way i was doing it ended up being right but it doesn’t have that boingy boingy look in the roll. the other tutorial i watched didn’t either so i guess it is just andre showing off his skills.

Well, when you push the two strings, dont try to make the yoyo land on the string. Try to bring the string under the yoyo.And that the Dark Magic is the hardies yo-yo to get so tell me how to get it so I can beat you and a yo-yo contest so tell me plese. ;D ;D :-* :-*[


First - Well, welcome to yoyoexpert! And second…don’t dream of it, lol. Jk, it wouldnt be too hard to beat me. I would get to nervous, and would mess up most of my tricks. Really, just practice. Thats all ther is too it.

This was the first really cool trick I ever learned. It took me a long time to learn it back when I first started in 2007, but I hope I can offer you some tips. First off, make sure your Split Bottom Mount is solid. This trick requires you to keep the strings in-line with the yoyo as it revolves around your throwhand. Once you throw the mount and get into the first roll, use your throwhand finger to flip the yoyo into the continuing rolls. You will know you are doing it correctly when additional wraps of string appear around your throwhand finger. With your non-throwhand finger, it basically does circles around your throwhand finger as you do the trick. Just remember that your nonthrowhand is the only hand that really moves. Your throwhand is controlling the motion of the yoyo while also making sure that it hits the proper string. This may not be the case for everyone… but it helps to understand how it’s happening. Let us know when you get it down!

i’ve gotten the trick down pretty solid. its when the yoyo flips over your throwhand finger andre can make it look like it boingy’s into the strings. i can get it to roll lots of times, but i just can’t make it look as good as he does.

I totally agree! He makes it look like a continuous roll without any pause, which I cannot do no matter how hard I try. When I first watched that video, I was like “Wait a minute, my Atomic Bomb’s don’t look that cool”

It just takes practice, that’s all. You guys will get it down in no time.

again it is a hard trick to learn heres an aditinal tut:

From the split bottom mount, when doing the first underpass, swing your arms forward. So start back, and go forward to give the yo momentum, and when it goes across, bring your hands close to each other. That will make the first underpass go as far as possible. Then, do the next one normally. You need to do it in one fluent motion, or it wont look so nice.

Just get it smooth, add the swing forward part AFTER you can do it fluently.

I kinda got it, but it dosen’t shoot out and pulse along the string like Andre…

same here, but that was a good tutorial. Thanks!

Its okay if you are not like André. I wasn’t like him either. However, now I can do it in one continuous motion, and I dont even need to break it into two steps, but can just spin the yoyo over at once. Just Practice.